Yoga practice benefits for sport psychology. Yoga for beginners.

Yoga is a system of Hindu philosophy. The term comes from the Sanskrit Foundation “Yuj”, which means – to unite, direct, focus. Some complex asanas can be found in Buddhism and Tantra. Yoga practice serves not only for spiritual development, but also helps to learn the true nature of a man. Regular yoga practice allows to find balance between spirit and body.

What type of yoga practice to choose

The philosophy of yoga practice assumes that the body and soul form a single whole. The health of one depends on the condition of the other. Therefore, to maintain physical and mental health, it is necessary to take care of the spirit and its bodily character.

yoga practice for beginners

The most popular types of yoga

  • Bhakti yoga. It is the cultivation of love and devotion to God.
  • Ashtanga yoga. This type is characterized by high activity. Asanas grouped in a certain order successively follow each other, so they form one system. There are 6 systems as a rule and they are complex.
  • Laya yoga. The ancient art of meditation is aimed at spiritual awakening and development. “Our acts no more a reflection of the ego commands, but a reflection of God forces.”
  • Hatha yoga. It is one of the most famous traditional yoga practices. Its physical and breathing exercises are characterized by the three main elements. They are asanas (body positions), Kriya (six purification processes) and pranayama (breath control).
  • Kundalini yoga. It is considered as the most mystical kind of yoga. It combines all the methods of influence on human physics and mind. This is not only about asanas and pranayama or meditation, but also about mantra and mudra (hands positions).
  • Kriya yoga. It is a method of energetic purification through breathing. The yoga’s purpose is to purify the energy so that it can flow freely through the body.
  • Karma yoga. This type is based on selfless activity or serving directly for God.

Modern yoga practice

Face yoga

face yoga practice

Face yoga is an unusual practice that has become a sensation. Yoga for the face is a new exercise technique developed for rejuvenation. Recently, it has been called a natural facelift.

There are about 70 muscles on the face and neck, the state of which determines our appearance. Face yoga is aimed at improving blood circulation in these muscles. They are saturated with oxygen, become elastic and strong. This is a great way to keep a good appearance, as well as get rid of existing wrinkles.

Face yoga includes muscle training with asanas. During the practice you, as in the traditional types, learn the right breathing and relaxation methods. After such practices, the face shines and looks fresh. Face yoga removes crow’s feet, get rid of the second chin and smoothes forehead wrinkles.

Prenatal yoga

prenatal yoga practice

Prenatal yoga for women improves mood and reduces stress. This is due to asanas that reduce blood pressure. Prenatal yoga practice also affects the quality of sleep, the digestive system and purify through breathing. Prenatal yoga practice improves the liver, kidneys, heart condition, add energy and improve health.

In recent years, prenatal yoga is becoming more popular. Because it reduces morning sickness, makes the body supple and helps to fight the pain. Yoga has a positive effect on the reproductive system of the future mothers. Proper breathing, which pregnant women learn during the practice, makes it easier to give a birth.

The beneficial effects of prenatal yoga are also felt after childbirth. The effect of the practice lasts for many weeks, and it allows to get back in shape much faster.

Yoga for beginners

Yoga practice is gaining popularity, and it is attended by even those who can’t boast of cheetah agility. This is an ideal type of physical activity for those who do not want or, for some reasons, can not lift the iron in the gym, and who can’t stand intensive cardio activity.

If you are interested in this type of training, but there are doubts whether to start yoga practice, or fears that you cannot do it – throw them right now! All you have to do is start with the basic asanas. And gradually you will move on to more complex ones as your body strengthens.

yoga practice for beginners

Yoga practice benefits

People who begin to practice yoga, appreciate it primarily for its impact on the psychological state. It is due to the breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. The main practice consists of exercises (asanas).

Yoga is the perfect way to achieve harmony of body and soul. This type of activity brings many benefits:

  • soothes the body and mind
  • allows to “listen to” your body
  • relaxes
  • improves concentration
  • improves endurance
  • strengthens muscles.

Yoga practice also helps to restore harmony with yourself and the world, which, unfortunately, is underestimated in our time.

Start with a positive attitude!

Do not be afraid of the lack of physical form and flexibility. You will get them over time starting with simple asanas and eventually moving to advanced level. First of all, and this is very important for the spiritual component of the practice, enjoy what you are doing here and now. Focus on listening to your body, feeling every cell of the body!

Before you sign up for yoga classes, you can practice at home. There is the yoga complex below for beginners that you can perform from the comfort of the apartment. Thanks to it, you will understand whether to start going to more professional classes with group and coach. Improved coordination and well-being will not keep you waiting as a nice bonus.

And remember, any training, regardless of the sport, will be more pleasant if you are in comfortable clothes and in aired room. Especially when it comes to yoga, where you have to breathe a lot and actively.


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