Work hard every day in short period of time to get good sports results

Some people who want to upgrade their bodies from one or another purpose claim they do not have enough time. Or they work hard every day and to the evening just want to fall and lay. Others excuse for their low sport activity with having not enough space for exercises or necessity to look after a baby, a second cousin grandfather, an ill turtle and so on.

But come on, let’s stop it. The only reason you still don’t do it is lack of motivation or desire. Even the most hard-working man can make the 5 minutes a day for sport, there’s only motivation should be found. Read here about it. And yes, there are some training system that significantly affect a body in a positive way although it takes 5 minites. Here we gonna speak about them to prove too busy or too “energy-saving” people they can make their bodies better.

Even models with their full load schedule while shooting and fashion shows use this short but hard workout systems in order to keep the bodies in shape. They claim such trainings are the most effective and favorite. Of course, these beautiful ladies have made a hard work to look the way they are. But staying in the shape, which is necessary during the shooting and fashion shows, takes permanent effort. And here are some systems that helps to lose or keep weight.

1 minute hard work

The required time for these exercises depends on your skills and endurance, but as a rule, at the beginning it takes no more than a minute, especially for those who are too far from sport.

So, make a coffee or tea and while it’s getting cool do some exercises.

Seated push ups

seated push ups as a good hard work that can be made at home

At first you should just sit on the floor and try to lift straightened legs up without the arm’s help. The body should stay in the kind of corner form.

When you feel you can, detach the pelvis from the floor. Thus, in addition to other muscles, the arms will work.

Next level is to do it on the high things. It may be kitchen furniture or a bench on the playground.

seated push ups is a hard work

If you feel really strong, start to move with bending the arms – make push-ups.


If you think one minite is a short period of time, then you have never do plank. All the muscles are engaged in this really hard work.

There are a lot of variations and you can chose any due to your abilities and skills along with what is more appealing.

At the beginning you can do it staying on elbows and knees, but the core should be paralleled to the floor.

Then try to stay on hands and foot as long as it is possible.

If it is too easy, then try side plank or do moveings while staying like in the video.

5 minutes hard work

Round training

Try a round training. It consists of full exercises set that should be done without breaks. Then 30 seconds relax and new round. There must be squats, push-ups, core lifting up and twists included in such training. Each exercise must be done 15-20 times at one time, but, of course, the number mainly depends on skills and health.

Every day try to do more and more rounds and increase the time of training from 5 minutes till 20.

Tabata training

Actually, this is also a kind of round training. But unlike it has some strict features.

This workout consists of 20 seconds intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. And all of it is repeated 8 times. Tabata was invented by Tabata, who is a Japanese physician and researcher. He states that the results really great.

Although the system is restricted by particular rules, there are some variations. We suggest the most popular 4 minute training.

Why does short-time hard workouts are effective

It is easier to motivate yourself for a short training. This is especially true of people who want to get rid of excess weight and do not accustomed to physical activity. As 5 minutes seems to be not much time and can be compared with the time that is required to make or buy coffee. So, a man will miss it more rare and as we know regularity is the key to sport success.

The purpose of short intensive trainings is to take out of the muscles maximum. Short and hard work accelerates metabolism and the body begins to spend energy faster to maintain basic functions. And it is not only while exercising. Increasing metabolism keeps for some hours after. And doing such trainings everyday upgrades it in general.

Besides, it turned out that a short-time intensive workout is enough to make the same effect that traditional workout does, although.

Doing this intensive short workouts every day and you will notice your physical performance has improved. And now you can do much more!

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