What are breathing exercises and their benefits. Breath deep!

Now we have a wide variety of breathing exercises. Those based on the yoga breathing and also author’s breathing techniques.

First of all, breathing exercises choosing depends on what your goals are. What do you want from them? Calm? Harmony? Or, on the contrary, to cheer up and bring the body to tone? Breathing exercises have many advantages and directions.

It seems there is nothing complicated, just breathe yourself – inhale and exhale. But in fact, even breathing can be different. We should realize this fact for the correct implementation of a breathing technique.

It is a certain way to breathe air into the lungs and exhale it, the speed of breathing and the involved muscles create a unique technique, the correct implementation of which is necessary to achieve the goals set by the breathing complex.

Why do we need breathing exercises?

First of all, any set of breathing exercises is performed to improve lung ventilation in general. Regular practice of breathing exercises, gradual improvement of breathing techniques are necessary for the proper functioning of the lungs. After all, it is the first thing that determines how well the whole body is supplied with oxygen. Which, in its turn, is necessary for life and health.

lung functioning and breathing exercises

In addition, conscious and controlled breathing calms the mind and the incessant flow of thoughts. Many sets of breathing exercises, especially made to calm down and find harmony with yourself, slow down the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and promotes better self-control.

As you practice breathing daily, you will learn to control your thoughts, actions, and emotions. You will become not only healthier, but also more aware.

In yoga and some martial arts, breathing exercises are used as part of training. And it is the above benefits of breathing practices that they consciousness.

yoga and breathing exercises

In addition, in yoga breathing is associated with a number of other health benefits. And in martial arts, for example, in karate, a certain breathing technique is used during movements and strikes to develop correct habits.

Breathing exercises are used, among other things, for:

  • Preventionof respiratory tract infections in immobilized people. As well as for respiratory rehabilitation after surgery and chest injuries. In particular, to strengthen the respiratory muscles, increase lung volume and mobility of the chest joint, emptying the bronchial secretion, training in proper breathing.
  • Improved regenerationduring rest and breaks between exercises and even between workouts.
  • Work with the speech apparatus.This implies achieving speech therapy goals and training in the use of voice and singing skills.
  • Control of breathing in apneaof any nature, caused by different causes.

Basic types of breathing

There are three ways of breathing are used both when performing complex breathing exercises and during natural breathing.

Belly breathing

The upper part of the chest is almost not working. But the diaphragm works, which contributes to the retraction of air into the abdominal cavity. Speaking of natural breathing, that’s how men usually breathe.

breathing exercise - belly breathing technique

Chest breathing

This type of natural unconscious breathing is most often observed in women. It consists in the fact that when inhaled, the upper part of the chest expands, but not the lower part and ribs. Also, shoulders and shoulder blades involved in this method of breathing. It’s a way of shallow breathing.

breathing exercise - chest breathing technique

Belly-chest breathing

The best way to breath, the deepest breath that fully saturates with oxygen. It involves the entire chest. The upper chest and ribs expand, but the shoulders do not rise. Then the air enters the abdominal cavity, there is a small bulge of the abdomen as a result of the diaphragm.

How to practice breathing exercises

It is worth starting with simple exercises to understand whether breathing practice is good for you. And maybe you even will want to do yoga in future.

It is necessary to follow some rules to get the effect from the breathing exercises.

  • Do breathing exercises before eating or at least an hour after eating.
  • Before practice, you need to relax your neck and shoulders.
  • Do not lean the head forward or tilt it back.
  • Exercise twice a day.

breathing exercise benefits

Pay attention to these things when do breathing exercises 

Depending on the purpose of the complex breathing exercises set different breathing criteria. It is important to remember about them; you need to concentrate on them during the practice.

Breathing rate.This determines how long you inhale and exhale, whether you want to hold your breath while inhaling or exhaling, and for how long.

No less important the way you breath.Whether you do it through your mouth or through your nose. Perhaps a set of exercises involves alternate breathing through the mouth and nose.

It is also important in what positionbreathing exercises are performed. Some must be done sitting, some during active physical activity, such as running, bending or stretching.

Additional items.You can train with or without them. These can be sheets of paper, ping-pong balls, candles, or other items that you put on your stomach to make it easier or harder to breathe. They can also be used to track your breathing and the correct technique of performing it.

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