Weight Training: 5  good reasons to start

Many people dream of a beautiful and slim figure, good health of the cardiovascular system and delay their natural aging of the body. An interesting fact: all these problems can easily be solved if you attend weight training with weights.

Weight training is quite simple, they include a set of very different exercises. They can be done not only in the gym, but also at home. Thanks to weight training, your muscles will gradually become stronger, your body will become more resilient and flexible.

What reasons can convince you to start attending weight training?

1. Weight training is good for your figure and health

It is worth remembering that not every sport will help you to develop your body evenly. Running, for example, will only help strengthen your leg muscles and respiratory system.

Strength training with weights has the right balance in the distribution of load on all parts of your body. These include convenient sets of exercises that are suitable for both women and men.

Interesting fact

Many girls are afraid to start going to weight training. They think strength training contributes to rapid muscle building. But this is a big mistake! A correctly selected set of exercises will evenly strengthen the muscles, giving the figure harmony and beauty. Weight training is more about body development and endurance, rather than mindless muscle building!

Weight training is good for your figure and health

2. Improving the functioning of the heart, circulatory system and your joints

Weight training is distinguished by its intensity and well-developed sets of exercises. During training, the circulatory system works much more intensively, driving blood through the whole body. Thanks to this, the muscles of the heart become stronger and stronger.

In addition to strengthening the heart muscles, the active distillation of blood through veins and blood vessels helps to remove excess wastes and toxins from the human body. Your body gets rid of unnecessary and harmful substances, and is also enriched with oxygen.

The set of exercises in strength training has repetitive movements. Thanks to them, your joints also become better, because the work of the lymph flow is activated. This process also helps to slow down the build-up of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, weight training is often attended by women who want to lose weight.

3. Strengthening the back muscles

Many people suffer from poorly developed back muscles. This regularly causes pain not only in old age, but also at a young age. Many professions involve a static body position. People began to sit too much or stand in one position.

When you attend weight training, your muscles strengthen, forming a muscle corset on your back. It firmly fits your spine, maintaining a healthy back to old age. So you carry out the prevention of chronic diseases of your back.

In addition to the back muscles, you bring great benefits to the abdominal and lumbar muscles.

4. Weight training slows down the aging process

After 40-45 years, the muscle mass of a person gradually becomes flabby and is destroyed. The human body settles and becomes weak and fragile. Strength training is a great opportunity to keep your body in good shape even in old age.

In the complex of exercises there are no age restrictions. It is only necessary to correctly assess their strength and choose the right complex. Regular light physical exercises help older people maintain muscle tone, as well as their motor system. This is a great prevention for joints!

To consolidate the effect of weight training, you should train yourself to eat right. The body will focus on maintaining muscle tone, and not just removing toxins. So you will remain a young and agile person for a long time.

Weight training slows down the aging process


5.Weight training is good for the brain

Every day we face a lot of stress: work, family, people around us. Exercise helps a lot in “relaxation”. During physical activity, our brain promotes the release of the hormone of joy – endorphin. It helps us calm down, relax and feel happy.

Regular weight training really helps you feel much better. Firstly, you feel like a real hero after a set of exercises. Isn’t it great to understand that you were able to overcome your laziness?  Secondly, your body is losing weight and getting stronger, you begin to feel self-confidence and lightness. Thirdly, during training you enter a state of flow. Your brain is relaxing. You stop thinking that you have problems at work or a lot of things at home. In fact, you take a short break for yourself. Isn’t it great?

Weight Training – The Way to Beauty, Health, and Happiness

Did I manage to convince you to start attending weight training? Are you already looking forward to the moment when your body will be healthy, strong, beautiful, and your thoughts will be clean and bright? I think it’s time to look for a gym and a good coach for such an event! Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do now. Your happy life is only in your hands.

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