Plateau effect in sport activity

For any athlete there is no greater joy than to observe increasing performance. At the same time, nothing could be so disappointing as a state of stagnation, when the results fallen had short of expectations and there is no improvement at all. This is called the “plateau effect”. As usual, in this situation a sportsman, especially who doesn’t have much experience, increases activity and works harder and harder every day hoping to have progress.  But instead of it he only has exhausting body and mind. And it makes him feel desperate and crazy, want to give up and even leave sports at all.

What is the solution of plateau effect

Oddly enough that the first thing you should do in the situation is to decrease sport activity by 20-30%. Let your muscles recover, but do not give up on training. Change the type of physical activity. Have a rest day. ITS OK TO DO NOTHING FOR ONE DAY, don’t be a menace to yourself.

Sportsmen often neglect rest because think they will get better results this way, or there is a fear of negating exercises effect. But having breaks is as important as responsible approach to the trainings. You don’t have to work hard every day, but have to find middle ground.

Rest is also a part of the training. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the rest time and the result of the training process itself. Each sport training session causes “damage” to a body. Rest, especially sleep, allows the body to repair this damage. It means that if you do not take enough time for rest after exercise, your body is not able to recover. Thus leads to increasing weakness and decreased performance.

So, if you have state of stagnation that doesn’t mean activity is not sufficient and you must work hard every day. On the contrary, have a break.

Along with this there are some more recommendations for overcoming plateau effect:

1)  Modify sort of activity

2) Change diet

3) Wait for some more time. Maybe you’ve got the level and the body need to adapt and become accustomed

Never stop! Even if it seems you got in over your head. Plateau is not the end, this is a line where new horizons open.

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