How to make a good gym workout plan

No matter what goals you set in sports, you need a more or less clear idea of what you’re doing and where you’re going. To do this, you need a gym workout plan. It also helps to monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the training.

To make the right workout program, you need to keep in mind what kind of goal you want to achieve and adapt workouts to it. Making a gym workout plan has its own features.

Who makes gym workout plan

It is best if it is done by a qualified and experienced specialist. Simply put – a coach. Preferably having experience in your type of training. If you want to start running or improve this skill, look for a trainer specializing in running. People interested in gym classes with weights should look for a strength training or bodybuilding coach.

However, you can also try to make a gym workout plan yourself. To do this, you should look examples of the programs and learn the basic principles of their construction.

How to make a gym workout plan

The training program should include the following information:

  • Number of training days per week and their exact time during a week,
  • What to do in each workout, that is, the type of exercise and their order, the load used in each exercise,
  • Number of repetitions of each exercise, number of series of each exercise,
  • Break time between approaches.

Exercises that are measured in time units rather than repetitions (e.g. plank) should be appropriately reflected. In this case, instead of repetitions of one approach, minutes will be specified, but the number of series or circles is specified as usual.

What exercises to choose for a gym workout plan

When it comes to strength training, beginners or recovering from injury, as well as the elderly, are often advised to start training with the easier gym equipment. This will not eliminate all possible problems and difficulties, but will avoid serious mistakes in the technique of an exercise performing.

Such people should start with technically more ordinary exercises and gradually move to more complex.

Advanced and trained athletes can perform exercises with free weights-dumbbells, barbells, etc. from the very beginning.

Load and number of repetitions

A load is the weight at which a specific exercise will be performed, such as a 5 kg dumbbell.

To properly make a gym workout plan, you need to pick up the load separately for each exercise.

how to make a good gym workout plan

In order to determine the optimal load for an exercise, it is necessary to determine the maximum possible load for the athlete. That is the maximum weight with which the he can correctly perform one repetition of this exercise without the risk of injury.

Then the load for a particular exercise is determined. It depends on the goal you want to achieve, as well as the number of approaches.

  • Improving power performance. 80-90% of the maximum possible load for the athlete. 3-6 reps, 3-4 approach to each exercise break between sets 2-3 minutes.
  • Build muscle. 65-75% of the maximum load, 8-12 reps 3-4 series of each exercise, break between sets 1-2 minutes.
  • Formation of relief, building the body. 60-65% of the maximum load of 13-15 reps, 3-4 series of each exercise, the interval between episodes is 2 minutes.

Number of workout days in a gym workout plan

The number of training days per week may vary.

First of all, to make a gym workout plan, you need to remember about the interval between trainings for rest and recovery. As a rule, the break between strength training for one muscle group should be 24-48 hours.

If according to the training program each workout includes exercises on all parts of the body, it can’t be performed every day. It’s 3-4 practices a week.

This period of time between workouts is necessary for muscle regeneration, and it should not be reduced. Otherwise, the achievement of the goal may be difficult, and more time will be required. Read here and here why it is so important to have rest between workouts.

However, if you use a different approach when making a gym workout plan, and each workout is aimed at working out a separate group of muscles, then training can be carried out more often.

Training in the gym can be carried out even every day, but only when every day you load different muscles so that they have time to recover.

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