How to start running if feel so lazy – running tips for beginners

There is no dough we people should do any physical activity and running is a good option. But how to start running? What beginners should know before the training? Here are some running tips that answer this questions.

Why should you start to run

A man can start running in any age. This sport will make you lose weight, improve health and mood – it has so many benefits!

The most important advantages of running:

  1. Weight loss of the whole body. You lose weight proportionally, and the muscles do not grow like in bodybuilders. Before you start running, measure your parameters. Then in a month you will be surprised of how many centimeters in girth you will have lost!
    2. Build the figure. During the run, all muscle groups work.
    3. Improves physical performances. From day to day you will notice that you can run faster and without shortness of breath.
    4. Clears the mind. There is no better way to relieve stress and constant physical fatigue than good physical activity. Put on your headphones and go for the training. You will feel better immediately!
    5. Clean the body of toxins. With intensive sweating, the body loses not only water, but also all the harmful metabolic compounds accumulated in the body.
    6. Improves the appearance of the skin and fights cellulite. All because, as it is mentioned above, you get rid of toxins while running. The skin finally breathes, and its ability to regenerate returns to the good level.
    7. Improves mood. During the run, the body secretes endorphins, which are responsible for a good mood. After training, you will have a smile on your face for a long time.
    8. Speeds up the metabolism. After a month of running, you will not only lose weight, but also adjust the work of the intestine, which can be disrupted as a result of a sedentary lifestyle!
    9. Strengthens the cardiovascular system. The heart is a muscle, and muscles need to be trained. The higher your physical activity is, the stronger your heart becomes!

How to start running if feel so lazy 

start to run - running tips for beginners

Our mind is made so that firstly it gives us a “defensive command”. We can easily find excuses to escape training, such as too low temperature, lack of time or headache. But for each of them there are simple answers – you need to dress properly, review the priorities, saturate the body with oxygen.

If there is something important for you to do, like to go out for a run, plan the rest of the day around it. Then you complete the task and other duties are not discarded because of the training. You will see that it takes less time than it seems and you can easily put the training in the schedule.

You can motivate yourself to get up early for a run by promising an extra portion of favorite dish. Because the sport is also “trains” the body’s metabolism. If we exercise regularly, the body will switch to more intensive burning of carbohydrates and fats. The effect is guaranteed in the long term. You will not only lose weight, but also be able to afford a large portion or high-calorie dessert, which had to be denied.

How to prepare for a run 

Running as a form of physical activity has no contraindications. First of all, you should take care of comfortable and well-fitting clothes that will not limit your movements. It is better to choose clothes made of natural materials such as cotton.

It’s also worth investing in sneakers. When start running many sportsmen do not pay enough attention to the shoes in which they run. Often they simply choose “any” shoes. Meanwhile, incorrect shoes can lead to injuries of foot, joints and even the spine, as well as cause pain, which therefore prevents future training. Therefore, to avoid this, choose professional shoes.

Ideally, you should buy those that have a built-in cushioning system that reduce the impact forces while running and prevents the occurrence of microtrauma. See how to choose sneakers here.

When start running you should also remember about the maximum possibilities of the body. During training, you should use about 55-65% of your abilities. The number of heartbeats per minute should vary from 130 to 140 depending on the age. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, run so that you can talk freely. You can sweat, but mustn’t choke.

start to run right now - how to start running for beginners

Music for running 

Choosing the right music for training is very important, because its rhythm helps not only to maintain the right pace, but also to regulate breathing. Choose music with dynamic beats. Thanks to it, you make more effort. In addition, music improves your mood, gives you more confidence and allows to enjoy physical activity.

Fitness test – are you ready to start running? 

Before start running do the test. Squat down and take a few steps forward. In this position, all the joints of the lower part work under load: ankle, knee and thigh. If after these few steps none of them bothers you, it means that they are in good condition and you can start running.

If during this test there is pain, you should first visit a therapist and consult an orthopedist.

Posture when running 

Most coaches believe that maintaining correct posture while running is very important. After a while you will find that gradually begin to hold it in the right position with little or no effort. However, if you want to strive for perfection remember this tips when start running.

  • Head looks forward. Focus on the remote point of the road in front of you
  • Hands should move naturally. Bend your elbows so that your hands form a right angle with your forearms. Lightly bring the hands to the level of the abdomen. Move your hands according to the rhythm of the feet.
  • Keep the torso in an upright position. The back should be almost perpendicular to the ground.
  • Feet – most people “land” on the front of the foot when running at a higher speed. The heel instantly falls to the ground and the toes bounce off the ground. But you should just put the foot in the most natural way.

Do I have to run every day? 

Rest days are very important when you start running. The vast majority of runners (even professional) arrange 1-2-day break every week. The day off allows the body to recover, get rid of all microtrauma and fully relax. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from overload.


you can start to run even with overweight - start running

Every extra kilo is an extra load on the spine, joints of the lower part – hips, knees, ankles, and also heart. That’s why it’s so important to run on soft ground and in the right footwear!

If you have a lot of excess weight, it is better to start with a stationary bike or swimming, where the joints have less load. In a month or two start periodic walks, and, when the weight is lost start running.

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