How to choose sports shoes? What kind of footwear is the best for your kind of workout?

Sports shoes is the most comfortable type of shoes, including in everyday life. What we should think about to by the best pair?

One of the most important issues when buying any kind of footwear is to determine the purpose of its use. Depending on it, you can find both footwears adapted to specific sports disciplines, and universal footwear with a sport cut and very good parameters. Absolutely different shoes are necessary for a person who runs on the road every day, and for someone who just prefers to go to work in sports footwear.

To choose the good sports shoes, you should answer the next questions.

Are we looking for sports shoes for every day wearing?

Sports shoes are not intended solely for sports. Many people prefer to wear it as a basic footwear because it is comfortable or necessary. It’s a comfortable, non-catchy, well-made footwear that’s great for walking around the city, driving a car, and even wearing at work.

What sports shoes to look for?

The best choice is universal sports shoe. You can choose it depending on your preferences, in almost any color.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the soles were not too soft. They should protect the foot well from hard and uneven surfaces.

choosing specified sport shoesDo you need special shoes (for a specific sport discipline)?

If this is the case, then it is definitely worth exploring the thematic footwear sections for specific sports (for example, for runners) or finding quality universal shoes.

What’s the budget?

It is very important to narrow the search to shoes of a certain price category, as the price range can be very large. In the beginning the shoes of medium price category will be enough.

It is necessary to set the price range, but check the shoes as a little cheaper than the set amount, and a little more expensive (sometimes for a little more money you can buy shoes of much better quality).

Buying sports shoes – what else do you need to take in account

The more criteria we set for shopping, the faster we will find the right shoes. Regardless of whether we buy shoes in a mall department or monitor the offer in a good online store, pay attention to the following characteristics.

The purpose of the footwear

It is important to immediately focus on viewing women’s, teen or men’s sports shoes. Such footwear dividing into the categories does not necessarily mean that a woman can’t buy men’s shoes and backwards. Do not exclude teenage shoes, because it is often suitable for women with very small feet. In this regard, it is necessary to focus on the length and width of your feet, as well as the external characteristics of the footwear.

Women’s sports shoes are smaller than men’s, and it is also slightly different from aesthetic point of view. Women’s shoes are often look more colorful. Men’s sports shoes are usually sold in large sizes, it is also usually a little wider, and the colors are more muted.

Choose the sneakers due to the surface you run

It is worth choosing sneakers among the options for a particular surface on which we will run.

If it’s a hard surface (e.g. asphalt or sidewalk), choose the shoes with strong cushioning, which will reduce the strikes strength between the foot and ground. The sole should have a soft tread that will ensure good grip while running.

Sneakers for running on soft surfaces in their turn should be less flexible and their soles should be highly profiled.

how to choose running shoes

Type of footwear

Speaking of sports shoes, many people mean classic sneakers, but sports shoes can have many other types. The same sneakers can be different – from quite open and flat-sole to high, covering the entire ankle. At the beginning it is necessary to think about what is most suitable for you.


Choosing the right size is a real problem, especially when buying without fitting, for example through an online store.

How to choose the right size?

The key to solving the problem is to get acquainted with the size table of the selected manufacturer and measure the length of your foot. Based on this, select the size with the appropriate length of the insert.

The measurement itself is very simple – you need to circle the foot on a paper sheet and measure its total length. It is better to measure both feet, because sometimes they are slightly different in size.

It should be borne in mind that in the evening the feet are slightly swollen, and they can be larger by the size than in the morning. Therefore, it is better to measure the length of the foot and try on shoes in the evening.

choosing the right size of sports shoes

Sports footwear should be bigger than usual?

Many people wonder if good sports shoes should be bigger than their regular casual shoes. It is difficult to give a definite answer.

But we can say for sure that the shoes must be measured in socks. At the same time, it should not rub, squeeze and strongly adhere to the leg. There should be some space between the shoes and the foot. Because although good sports shoes should fix the foot and shin, too adjacent shoes will eventually appear blisters, calluses, abrasions and unwillingness to wear it, no matter how much money are spend on it.

It is necessary to measure the shoes of different manufacturers, because the same size number they may differ in length and width. So you will be able to choose the most appropriate pair according to these parameters for you.


Now sports shoes are available in a very large number of style and color options. So you can pick up a pair of almost any outfit and to any situation. If you are looking for a versatile sports shoes that will not catch the eye, you can always choose black, gray, brown or dark blue.

sports shoes brands


It makes sense to give preference to well-known manufacturers specializing in sports footwear. Because the reputation of the brand is usually due to the high quality of the products offered. What kind of sports shoes to choose? It is worth looking for sports footwear of Nike, Adidas, as well as Puma, Reebok and many other brands.

Material and care recommendations

If we check the recommendations for care, we can discard a few more options and make a choice.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to clean sports shoes in the washing machine or it must be washed with a damp cloth. But there is no clear answer, because it all depends on whether we are dealing with textile shoes or leather ones.

Compliance with the recommendations for care will help to avoid problems with further wearing, as well as extend its “life”. Good sports shoes with proper care can be used for years.

Regardless of whether we are looking for shoes for walking around the city or good sports shoes in which we will train in the gym, it is worth betting on high quality, and it will be back with comfort and durability.

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