What is crossfit training? Useful information about crossfit for beginners

Crossfit and all you need to know about it. What is it about?

Crossfit is a training of strength and endurance consisting in performing intensive physical exercises from different sports areas. These are mainly aerobic exercises, gymnastics and weightlifting.

Crossfit training is very effective because the exercises performed during training are very diverse and work out the muscles well. Using such exercises as kettlebell swings, single-arm dumbbell snatch, toes to bar and others creates the schemes which should be repeated several times within certain minutes. Within one hour you can burn up to 1000 cal, and the effect of regular training becomes noticeable very quickly.

crossfit training routines

Crossfit exercises are very tedious, but at the same time they give great results in terms of building muscle mass, increasing physical strength and improving the performance of the whole body.

Who can practice crossfit training?

However, no matter how scary it may sound, crossfit training can be done both by women and men – any person, regardless of age, experience and physical fitness. Professional athletes, pensioners and mothers who want to get in shape after pregnancy are engaged in crossfit all over the world. The most important thing is a positive attitude, because everything else is selected under the existing physical characteristics and goals.

The only condition is the absence of medical contraindications. Although, on the other hand, crossfit training can be used to restore and improve health.

crossfit training for beginners

Crossfit training


The main goal and at the same time the assessment of training progress is achieving efficiency in 10 different areas. These includes:

  1. cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  2. endurance
  3. force
  4. balance
  5. power
  6. speed
  7. flexibility
  8. agility
  9. coordination
  10. accuracy

Crossfit workout

During crossfit workouts athletes run, carry different things, roll and flip huge tires, pull ropes, lift weights and do dozens of other things that we do not meet in the regular gym. But as it has been already mentioned, in crossfit exercises from different sports fields are used. Therefore there are also squats, jumps or throwing the ball.

crossfit training exercises

All these exercises strengthen the muscles, increase the range of motion of all joints and compensate muscle mass, which as a result of earlier training could develop unevenly. So crossfit training forms the whole figure.

In a short time you have to do as many exercises as possible. The muscles should work at maximum speed. You have to control your pulse on each crossfit workout. Modern devices will help you.

Crossfit workouts benefits

If there are no contraindications, regular and proper crossfit workouts have a number of advantages. They help to:

  • lose weight. Maintaining the pulse in the “fat burning zone” and the production of the hormones during the exercises allow to lose and maintain weight at a certain level. In addition, due to the growth of muscle mass and reducing fat, overall metabolism increases. Crossfit workouts are very energy-intensive, which has an important role in the issue.
  • develop physical performances (strength, endurance, see above)
  • achieve mental balance. At least physical activity contributes to the production of happiness hormones;

How is crossfit workout conducted

As in any sport, crossfit workouts start with a short warm-up. Then it goes into the main workout part. From the beginning this part from sits in the sportsmen’s heads as an association with sweat and balancing on the verge of endurance. Usually it takes about 20 minutes, but believe me, this is enough, so the exercises are very intense. During the training, there is no a minute to chat or relax.

crossfit training exercises

Warm-up before crossfit

Warm-up before crossfit training should last at least 5 minutes. You can jump rope, do squats or slopes. The warm-up should be adapted to the basic training. It should be based primarily on the actions that will be repeated later in the main workout part. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare for working at maximum, increase the heart rate, stretch the joints and warm up the muscles.

Injury risk

Most of the injuries that occur during the workouts are the result of neglecting safety regulations and lack of attention or unprofessionalism of the coach, who must monitor the correctness of the doing exercise and the load amount.

During the trainings, and even more after them, muscle pain should be expected. This mainly applies to the crossfit for beginners and to those people who have not previously engaged in any physical activity. For them, the meeting with crossfit training can be really painful.

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