What is the best type of training for you? Interval, aerobic, vibration and strength workout.

At the beginning of the year we set new goals and new tasks. Many people decide to start a new life, a sports life with regular training. This is of course a good intention, but you need to choose the right type of training that you won’t to give up in the first week.

How to choose the type of training?

is strength workout the best type of training

Choosing the right type of training, we must think about what we want to get from them, what goals to achieve and in what time frame. It is worth remembering that the set goals should be achievable and quite particular. They should be ambitious, but not too complex. After all, the not achieving the desired effect can demotivate.

Here is a brief description of four training types: strength, aerobic, vibration and interval. Before starting any type of training, it is better to consult a doctor and make sure that they will be safe for you. You should be sure, that they are not too intense and difficult for your joints.

Regular exercise brings a lot of joy. Therefore, you should choose the type of training that you like and that you won’t quit after two times.

Strength workout

Strength training exercise, contrary to popular belief, are aimed not only at the development of the muscle mass. With the help of such training you can also reduce the amount of fat and adjust the body shape. Strength training accelerates metabolic processes in the body and helps to burn fat even while rest days, thereby reducing the amount of fat tissue.

Among basic strength exercises there can be point out such popular ones as lifting weights, push-ups, pull-ups, and barbell squats. In case of growth of muscle tissue, the effect of strength training becomes noticeable after a few months. But for this it is necessary to maintain regular physical training – twice a week for 20-60 minutes with a warm-up at the beginning lasting about 10-15 minutes.

Aerobic training

Aerobic training includes exercises of moderate intensity with increased oxygen metabolism in the body. In such type of training, the heart rate is kept at about 60-65 percent of the maximum heart rate. This means that the adipose tissue in the case of aerobic exercise is burned with oxygen.

Aerobic exercises are performed on devices such as treadmill, stepper, bike, orbitrek. The most common type, perhaps, is running in a park or on the streets, besides it is the most affordable.

Aerobic training should be performed in short series intervals, but be very intense, immediately following each other. It is very important to maintain a constant pace that will allow you to breathe freely. An important element of aerobic training is also perseverance. Exercises should be performed at least three times a week, with a minimum duration of 40 minutes, because the fat tissue is burned only after 20-30 minutes of exercise.

Vibration training for fitness

Such type of training are performed with special equipment. Now there are many types of vibration training. This can be, for example, special costumes that increase the effectiveness of other exercises or directly vibration machines.

The most common type of such machines is the platform. With it you can engage passively, without effort. It’s enough to stand on the vibration platform to stimulated the work of all muscles.During one vibration training you can burn 350 kcal. However, there are special sets of exercises for such vibration platform, and this is certainly a more effective option than passive training on the platform. Usually training on a vibrating platform lasts about half an hour. It consists of three 10-minute approaches. Vibration training should be carried out 2-3 times a week.

Vibration training is a good solution for people who have little free time, but who would like to quickly and effectively lose weight and have good body shape. It is worth noting that during passive vibration training there is no active sweating. Thanks to this, you can come to the Studio and start training before work or study.

Interval training

Interval training includes alternating exercise with a duration of usually 15 seconds. The average heart rate is about 60% of the maximum. During interval training, in addition to strength exercises you can use running, cycling.

Each training session should start with a 7-minute warm-up. At the end of the workout, do a 10-minute run and then stretch for another 5 minutes. Remember that the total interval training time should not exceed 40 minutes. The number of training sessions should be up to three times a week, as it is a very complex type of training, exhausting the body.

However, such loads are justified. The results will not be long in coming. Together with reasonable diet restrictions, you can quickly lose weight, improve endurance and general health.

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