Children in boxing. Should I give my child to the boxing section?

Box is not very respectable among ordinary people. Many parents think children in boxing is a dangerous idea. It seems to them that this sport is too cruel. They think that you do not have to think with your head, but just wave your hands. But we all should learn to look beyond stereotypes. If you look at the photos from the boxing sections for children, you will notice that all students have serious protective equipment, regularly relax and treat each other with respect. The coach and the referee closely monitor the behavior of each child.

Today we will talk about how children in boxing feel. Why should you give the child to the boxing section? We’ll also touch on the topic of how boxing benefits your children.

Are kids safe on a boxing lesson?

Many doctors say that boxing for children is a dangerous idea. In this sport you can really get serious head injuries. However, such cases are very rare. This can be confirmed by boxing veterans who participated in hundreds of fights.

Boxing is not the safest sport for a child, it’s true. But so it can be said about any sport. Children in boxing are at the same risk as any other contact sport. Getting injured in basketball or football is also very easy.

It is worth noting that the risk of injury in football is much higher: a child runs on a hard surface for an hour, surrounded by 10-20 people, they all constantly push or hit their opponents with their elbows. Thus, children can easily get injured in any part of the body.

Simply put, if you do not want the child to be injured, then the road to sports is closed for him.

Boxing is not the safest sport for a child

  What are the benefits of boxing for children?

The most important thing in boxing is to teach your child discipline. The coach constantly looks after the children, teaches them to be calm, concentrated. Children also develop the skill of correctly assessing the situation. Let us discuss in more details all the positive aspects of boxing:

1. Children in boxing develop their physical constitution

In addition to constant training of muscles and joints, the child is engaged in the prevention of obesity. Modern children are very tempted to eat junk food: chocolate, chips, cola, fast food, lemonade. In addition, they regularly sit at a computer or telephone, which is why children are less likely to engage in physical activity. Therefore, children in boxing regularly train their body and endurance. They are all slender and fit.

Box training is a serious physical preparation that affects all muscle groups of a person. For an example, an athlete’s daily workout includes running, jumping rope, practicing quick hits, and constantly twisting the body.

Children in boxing develop their physical constitution


2. Boxing helps to improve your child’s mental health

Boxing is not a simple thoughtless fight. In boxing, a person trains not only to hit quickly, but also to think correctly. In order to become stronger, athletes have to spend a lot of time to learn to see the opponent’s weaknesses. They also become more resistant to stressful situations, they learn to think calmly and judiciously. Without a rational approach to problems and stressful situations, a boxer will not be able to come out as the winner in the ring!

Children in boxing will not be victims of ridicule or bullying at school. They are very calm about provocations and can fight back in case of danger.

You should also remember that success in boxing will help your child increase self-esteem. Children in boxing learn that anger and aggression are defeat in the ring. Therefore, they are so calm in everyday life. In addition, this sport teaches you to focus on something, so it will be easier for your child to learn material at school, because he will develop perseverance and patience before his peers.

3. Children in boxing quickly socialize

Many parents do not think that boxing is also a sport. It takes a lot of time in a child’s schedule. Children will not waste time playing a computer, walking around the street idle, or lying on a sofa. If a child has excess aggression, energy and big ambitions, then in boxing he will be able to realize his full potential. Children in boxing quickly find friends with the same interests.

If your child is shy and afraid of something, then boxing can also help him. In the section he will learn discipline, his self-esteem will improve, he will be able to find comrades who will help him to believe in himself and become stronger.

Boxing also teaches children self-defense. No one will offend your child if he knows how to give a good rebuff. Children will not mock him at school or cause physical harm.

Children in boxing quickly socialize

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