7 great rules in bodybuilding for beginners.Things to know before start.

Everyone who has been in sport for a long time, sooner or later, declares: “If I knew it earlier, my trainings would be much more effective”. With the Internet nowadays it has become easier to get information about training, diet or sports supplements and food additives, it is especially important in bodybuilding for beginners. We can identify our mistakes earlier and fix them faster.

Below we have described 7 issues that every bodybuilding beginner should know before starting to train in the gym. Especially those whose goal is to build muscle.

Proper diet

Nutrition is the key to success in changing your appearance. We all know that without good food we will not see the changes. According to scientific research, both in weight loss and in building muscle mass, we will achieve the best results, adhering to a competent ratio of nutrients. In bodybuilding the rules are:proper nutrition beginners guide to bodybuilding

  • 3 g protein per kilogram of muscle mass,
  • 30% of calories get from fat,
  • the rest of the calories are from carbohydrates.

Example calculation:

An athlete having weight of 100 kg, daily calorie intake of 4500, 12% adipose tissue in the body should consume:

  • 3 g of protein per kg of dry body weight, i.e. 264 g of protein (1056 kcal),
  • 30% of 4500 is 1350 calories – fat intake. When consuming 1 gram of fat, 9 calories are released. Therefore, it is necessary to consume 150 grams of fat.
  • About 2094 calories remain for carbohydrates, which is equal to 524 grams of carbohydrates.

A proper diet will not only help to build muscle mass, but will also support it and provide a good recovery after training.

Don’t be afraid to relax

beginners guide to bodybuilding - don be afraid to relax

Read here about rest importance in sports. Many athletes remember how at the beginning of the sports “career” they trained day after day without having rest. Almost every newbie makes this mistake. Contrary to their beliefs, too much load, unfortunately, does not lead to the desired effects.

Daily bodybuilding training does not give enough time for the muscles to grow. Muscles grow when they rest, not in training. When an athlete becomes experienced enough to understand this, he begins to appreciate the recovery between workouts no less important than the work in the gym. Read here about the art of having rest.

The best solution would be to do 4 workouts a week, and the rest days for recovery. These 3 days other processes go. During the rest it is important to eat well, get enough calories and necessary nutrients. Also don’t forget to get some sleep. 7 hours a day is the optimal amount of time that will ensure effective regeneration. It is impossible to compensate for the lack of sleep.

Avoid training “until you drop”

beginners guide to bodybuilding - avoid resining "until drop"

Beginners often can’t adequately estimate their abilities. Each exercise series is usually done until muscle pain and failure. This is a bad training approach, which can even lead to bad consequences.

It is recommended to perform a series of exercises with a margin of about 2 reps. This will allow to maintain strength and withstand all the planned training until the end, as well as prevent rapid depletion of the nervous system and reduce recovery time.

Don’t try to copy professional

beginners guide to bodybuilding - don't try to copy idols

Another common mistake in bodybuilding made by beginners is to imitate an idol bodybuilder. This applies to cases where athletes rely too much on the training plans of a professional. But they are definitely not suitable for bodybuilding for beginner. Moreover, they often seek to pump their muscles with a professional plan, intended for competitions period training. This amount of exercise can “kill” the legs of even the most tough guy.

It’s good to have an example to strive for. You can be guided by the principles he adheres to. But do not overdo it and try to copy everything, including the load beyond your capabilities at the moment.

Properly planned training

Training without a clear plan and sequence of exercises is unlikely to bring results. This approach assumes that the athlete came to training without any plan and is going to perform a number of random exercises and use random weights. This is fundamentally wrong.

A bodybuilder should plan his workout in advance, know what he came to training for and what weight he will use today.

For example, if the bodybuilder performed 4 series of 10 reps with a load of 60 kg, the next time he can try to perform the same number of reps and series, using a weight of 63 kg. If possible, increased progress and load (small!) are desirable on each training.

Use exercises with different repetition ranges

bodybuilding rules guide for beginners

This means that you should periodically change the number of reps in your training plan.

It is believed that to create muscle hypertrophy you need to do 3-4 exercises per muscle group with a total of 8-12 series. A good training plan should also include a series of percussion exercises with 15-20 reps. This training strategy allows the use all types of muscle fibers, not only white but also red. In addition, the nervous system will also receive the necessary variable stimulation.

Bodybuilding takes time

Understand, realize, accept, and accept this fact. Nothing ever happens immediately.

Quite often beginners want the results to appear almost overnight. Which of the athletes at the beginning of the way was not weighed every day and constantly checked the volume of the bicep.

The desire for quick results pushes athletes to make strange and questionable training decisions. Such as the above daily workouts, workouts to muscle failure, having no plan. Such training – a dangerous test for muscles and nervous system strength.

beginners guide to bodybuilding - remember, it takes time

Moreover, when a bodybuilder trains too much, he also starts to eat a lot. Perhaps, this situation could be pointed out in a separate issue or mistake. When an athlete thinks that since he trains hard, he can eat a lot, without even paying attention to what he eats. This means that he consumes much more calories than is necessary for building muscle mass and begins to accumulate fat.

Unfortunately, more doesn’t mean better or faster, this is also true in bodybuilding. No one can jump over some physiological processes. You cannot accelerate the process of bodybuilding by training twice as much or eating twice as much as the body needs.

Everything has its place, and should go on as usual, no matter how long it takes. To monitor and track changes in your bodybuilding training, it is necessary to regularly compare current results with previous months and make changes to the training plan. All of this makes bodybuilding be a very individual sport.

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