Why should you pay attention to beach volleyball? 5 powerful arguments

The summer period is the best time to do sports in the fresh air. Many people in the summer try to get out as much as possible in order to strengthen their body and health in comfortable conditions.

One of the most popular summer sports is beach volleyball. This game does not require you to purchase special equipment. Many athletes and amateurs play it in ordinary swimsuits. You are not required to be a professional athlete to enjoy beach volleyball. You just need to find a company of friends, take a ball with you and come to the beach, where the net is stretched.

Beach volleyball will help you have fun with your friends and get a portion of effective exercise!

Why is beach volleyball so popular? Should I do this kind of sport? Let’s look at some powerful arguments!

Friends play beach volleyball

Why is beach volleyball so good?

1. Beach volleyball strengthens all muscle groups

You may not notice this, but when you play beach volleyball all your muscles are in constant activity. Your upper and lower body are always mobile: you jump, squat, run, throw or hit the ball. It is worth considering that in beach volleyball there are only 2 players in a team. You move much more than classic volleyball. In this sport you will not be bored!

You also need to consider that beach volleyball is a contactless sport. Here you will not get injured from tremors, like in football. You and your partner are protected from the opposing team by a huge net. Soft sand can soften impacts from falling. If you do not like getting bruises, then such a sport is perfect for you!

2. Beach volleyball has a good effect on the health of joints and ligaments

Volleyball on the beach means constant lunges, jumping, bending, waving and squats. You regularly stretch your muscles and make the joints work actively. Such training strengthens your ligaments and improves joint performance. You will cease to feel stiffness in the body, your knees will stop crunching while doing squats, the body will become flexible and light.

3. Quality foot health

It was already mentioned above that sand greatly reduces damage from falling. In addition, it is much more convenient and comfortable to play in the sand than on the wooden floor in the gym. When you play beach volleyball, there are no shoes on your feet. During the landing after the next jump, the load on the knees is significantly reduced due to the fact that the surface is very soft. This is an additional prevention for the health of your joints. In addition, you constantly stretch your feet. Tactile sensations from the feet and sand are very popular with many athletes.

Beach volleyball has a good effect on the health of joints and ligaments

4. Beach volleyball relieves stress

Beach volleyball is a great way to escape from problems at work, school or at home. Everyone experiences stress from their surroundings. This may be a family dispute or too much workload. When you come to the shore of a river or the sea to play volleyball in the sand for several hours, then you gradually become immersed in a state of flow. You stop worrying, you want to enjoy the good weather, a company of friends and excitement in a sports game.

It is also a great reason to come to the shore of a pond. After an active game, you can always swim in the warm sea or river. Or you can lie in the sun to warm your body.

5. Benefits for your breath

Salty sea air and a pleasant breeze are what will accompany you during the game of beach volleyball. Even on the banks of the river, the air is much cleaner than in the center of a dusty and noisy city. During the game, you involuntarily breathe much more and deeper than at rest. Your circulatory system works much more actively, distributing useful oxygen throughout the body.

In addition, iodine is contained in the sea air, which is very important for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. During the game of beach volleyball, you not only improve your physical fitness, but also get a charge of “health”!

Get started now

Now it’s mid-August, but you still have time to try playing beach volleyball. Gather a group of friends, take fruits and drinks with you, prepare a beach towel and bathing suit. Take a trip to the river or sea to play volleyball on the beach. You yourself can feel how useful and enjoyable this sport is!

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