What does it take to be a sports team leader?

Team leader, commander, guide – mankind has come up with thousands of names depicting a man at the head of a group. These are the names for the self-confident person having the strongest character, who is recognized as responsible for power.

But not everyone should be a team leader, as not everyone wants to be him. This unique role in the social hierarchy not only gives benefits, but also requires performing certain duties, which is not an easy task. A leader is a person who stands in front of other people, who has the power and ability to establish contacts with other people. Identifying a leader from an emerging group starts from the beginning. He is a charismatic man who knows how to take initiative and make decisions. After a short acquaintance, people begin to reckon with her opinion.

Interestingly, a leader can change many times over the life cycle of a team. This means that everyone can become the captain of the team. How to do this?

From zero to hero

In society, there is an opinion that to be leader you should be born leader. In fact, this is mostly wrong. Of course, a person can come into the world already having certain leadership skills and talents, abilities necessary to perform the team leader role. However, these leadership skills and character and can be purchased in the course of life. In addition, even if they are innate, they need to be developed.

To become a leader, regardless of whether you have leadership skills, you need to acquire skills in professional management or business areas. The leader role brings a lot of experience with which you need to be able to cope. And getting experience in these areas, you will learn to cope. The leadership skills you gain by developing in networking and management are useful in your daily life, including sports. For example, during classes or training, when you need to divide tasks between the team.

team leader role require developing of leadership skills

Team leader role

People like everything to be «served on a tray». People need someone to take the initiative and make the toughest decisions. Need someone who will help to feel safe, who will allow them to avoid difficult situations and feel confident.

It is not so easy to have a team leader role. It means to be under psychological pressure, including from those whom he leads. When others judge him, they see only what is superficial. A real leader solves more problems than you can imagine.

Team leader role requires not only knowledge of the character, skills, values, capabilities of each team member, but also knows how to use them correctly. And in such a way to guide each person along the path that is best for him and for the team. Everyone is better in doing something than others, and this potential is worth using.

Team leader role brings the duty to stay in front to see more. The leader looks to the future, remembers the past and cares about what is happening here and now. Because the leader has a vision and an idea, others, feeling it, accept his proposals as their own.

A person having team leader role must necessarily listen, motivate, and encourage others to participate. Players should feel that their actions matter in the team. These are the basic conditions for the successful existence of each society.

“A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.”- Thomas Carlyle

team leader role require particular leadership skills

How to become a team leader

1) Meet and understand your team. Find time for each player and take care of his development. Give others a vision of what you want to create.

2) Show compassion and listen to others, and they will tell you what they want.

3) Be an example to follow. Demand from themselves more and do not stop growing.

4) Work with your team and be an authority that the player can ask for support. But never promise what you can’t do.

5) Inspire and motivate. Use emotions.

6) Build relationships. Be a friend, not an arrogant leader. People should feel that you are one of them, not a deviant ideal. Take care of a closer relationship on the team. When team members are united with something more than just a common goal, they can do more.

7) Lead and show how to do and play. Give precise instructions, show interest in every team member’s work and give support.


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