What is a flow status?

Did you have a feeling of complete immersion to the task? Do you understand straightly what is happening right here and now? Do you understand that you have a real rhythm of life?

If you answered positively to all questions, then most likely you were in a state of flow!

What is a flow status?

Flow is a mental state in which person is fully engaged in his work. Therefore, a person tries to immerse himself in it.

By the way, the streaming state is not unique. It’s tested by many athletes who are engaged in completely different sports. The rules of training aren’t limited. This applies to all activities in which the athlete is involved.

The author of the theory of flow is a psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He explores issues of well-being and creativity, he is the founder of positive psychology and creativity and happiness.

Photo of the author of the theory of flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

How to enter the flow state? Let’s see through 8 components:

Clear goal

The more specifically you determine, what the end result of your activity should be. The less effort will be required to direct your energy and consciousness in the right direction. Keep in mind that feedback plays an important role in this component. Your coach must constantly communicate with you, adjusting the stages of training or sports training. Thanks to the feedback, your motivation and involvement in the business can be tripled!

Complexity of the task

In a state of flow, people adhere to the motto “I see a goal – I see no obstacles.” Because they believe that they can do anything. But it is a winding and slippery slope. Learn to set up authorities and evaluate your own strength, so as not to expose yourself and your team;

Merge of activity and consciousness

The main obstacle to merging – the abstraction of thoughts. Your mental activity should be fully involved in the training process. Stop thinking about other things and everyday problems, in this state you will not be able to come to flow.

the girl entered the state of flow and is not distracted by the outside world

Maximum concentration of attention

To concentrate on training as much as possible, you need to:

  • Continually strive for excellence (improve your results);
  • Create a to-do-list for a day or a week. This will help you follow a clear plan that you yourself have planned;
  • Establish contact with team members and trainer. They will help you concentrate on your workflow;
  • Get rid of external irritants (social networks, news feeds, videos on YouTube).

 Situation control

If you are in complete control of the training process, then your mistakes are minimized; any exercise seems like a “playful thing.” The author of the flow theory knows a couple of tips on how to achieve

athlete enters flow mode to perform exercises

control over the situation:

  • Have at least some experience in their sport;
  • Clearly define your responsibilities;
  • Engage in the organization of its work activities (time management)

Loss of self-awareness

Often people notice that during a state of flow they lose their “I.” If you feel the same, then don’t rush to look for a psychologist! You are just focused on your training so that any internal and external irritants have ceased to mean something to you.

Time distortion

Time in the flow always goes its own way. It is able to go in slow motion or, conversely, in an accelerated mode. But he has only one general characteristic for many people: they stop noticing how time goes by, how day is replaced by night.


In a state of flow, a person gives himself entirely to the cause. It helps the athlete to be overproductive. Therefore, many people want to experience this state again and again. In this case, the meaning of the activity lies in it itself – the desire to get back into the stream.

the girl is engaged in yoga and is in a state of flow

How to stay in the flow?

Staying in the flow is always impossible. This state may well leave a person, go into irritation, indifference or confusion. There are a million reasons for this, for every person they are absolutely individual.

Let’s define our action plan in order not to get out of the flow state:

Goals are no longer clear

If you are faced with a big and difficult task and it is morally difficult for you to take it, then divide it into several subtasks. Don’t proceed to the next big task until you solve the current one.

Lost the coherence of consciousness and activity

If a task or challenge seems too difficult for you, then shift your attention to the part that you understand most. Start looking for answers by unwinding them like a ball of thread. The main thing is to take your time and follow the steps thoughtfully!

The concentration began to disappear

At such times, prevent yourself from being distracted by external factors. Log out of social networks, turn off notifications on your phone. Don’t talk to team members out of business.

social networks distract the girl and she can not enter the state of flow

Often climb thoughts about extraneous things

It’s necessary to pay for electricity, take out the garbage, plan a vacation – so many thoughts aren’t in the business, especially during training. To combat this, use music. It will help to take out all unnecessary thoughts and ideas from the head. Just be careful if your music is in social networks, then you can easily be distracted by group chats or personal correspondence! We advise you to upload music to the player and listen to it offline.

I always want to look at my watch

The watch lasts incredibly long and it tires you? Divide your time into several parts. Alternate short breaks with vigorous activity. This will help you stay in a good mood and the feeling that you have worked hard today!

If you want to know more about the state of the flow, then we invite you to listen to the speech of the author of this theory:

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