Weirdest ritual in Sports: 9 famous examples

Athletes, like theater actors, are very superstitious people. All of them have examples of weirdest rituals that sometimes seem completely absurd. Ritual plays the role of self-regulation in sports. It helps athletes not only to concentrate on competitions, but also to calm down, start to think soberly. Rituals for teams and athletes most of the time slogans, dances, and unique gestures at certain points in a match or a sporting event. Today we will look at the weirdest rituals and superstitions.

Weirdest football rituals

Football players are considered the most superstitious people on our planet. They are ready to do whatever they want before the match so that the ball doesn’t fly into his own net.

  • Laurent Blanc – football star in the 20th century, now he is the coach of the French team “Paris Saint-Germain. In the 90s before each match, he kissed the bald head goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. Funny ritual is remembered by the fans of the team for whole life. Perhaps it worked, because in 1998 the French national team was able to win the World Cup;
  • Gennaro Gattuso – Italian football player-midfielder and coach. The Italian is famous for his fearless and firm character. However, even Gennaro has his ritual, which brings good luck on the football field. Before any game, a footballer reads Russian classic literature. His favorite author is Fyodor Dostoevsky! No one knows from where this strange ritual came from. But if this method works, why not to use it?
  • Iker Casillas – Spanish goalkeeper of the Portuguese club “Porto”. This football player has a whole bunch of weirdest rituals and superstitions. First, Iker touches the top crossbar after each goal of his team. Secondly, he always changes his outerwear if his team loses. Third, he wears leggings inside out.

Weirdest rituals of Laurent Blanc: a kiss on the bald spot of the goalkeeper

Weirdest rituals of tennis players

  • Serena Williams – tennis player from the United States. Even the “first racket” has rituals that help her feel more confident on the court. The athlete necessarily takes with her slippers, in which she takes a shower. Serena has a number of compulsory rituals that she performs at every match. She especially laces up her sneakers. For the entire tournament a woman never changes her socks. Before his first serve, the athlete beats off the tennis ball on the court exactly five times. On the second serve she hits the ball twice already;
  • Maria Sharapova is a tennis player from Russia; the athlete also has rituals before serving. No, she doesn’t have a certain number of ball hits, but she hates to step on the line. If you take a closer look, you will notice that athlete from Russia is trying not to step on the court markings in every game. Therefore, sometimes, it seems as if she stumbles. Despite her weirdest ritual, Maria remains a strong athlete;
  • Richard Gasquet – a tennis player from France. Gasquet is considered the most superstitious tennis player in the world. The athlete arranges the whole show, entertaining and annoying the public. The Frenchman always demands to find the “lucky ball” after the won rally. In his opinion, this particular ball helped him to win. In case Gasquet loses the rally, he demands to find the “lucky ball” from the past of the won rally. Many people enjoy it, but there are those who cannot stand the behavior of a Frenchman.

Weirdest ritual of Serena Williams before serving the ball

Weirdest rituals of hockey players

  • Patrick Roy – goalkeeper from Canada. It isn’t known whether the weirdest Roy ritual is the key to winning the Stanley Cup, but the athlete has won it already 4 times. Patrick talked to the gate throughout the match. Perhaps this method helped the athlete to be more self-confident and not to experience too much excitement;
  • Glenn Hall – goalkeeper from Canada. One of the best goalkeepers in the entire history of NHL has been recognized as the best goalkeeper of the Champions League three times. Even such a famous person had his weirdest rituals. Glenn was sure that if he was sick, his team would definitely win. Therefore, the goalkeeper popped two fingers into his mouth to induce vomiting before every game in the play-of;
  • Joslene Thibault – hockey player from Canada. The athlete was confident that to win the match you need to fulfill a number of conditions. Before the game, Josselin laid out all his equipment in a certain order. Also, a Canadian had a habit of pouring water on his head 6 minutes before the start of the competition.
Patrick Roy is at the gate

Patrick Roy is at the gate

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