How not to miss a walk training? 7 cunning temptations

If you are now looking for an excuse to miss a walk training tomorrow morning, this article will help you to recover. Walking is a great exercise for your body. Thanks to it, your body and spirit develop and do not lose their shape. There is no need to put a lot of effort to your workouts to be successful. However, even in such sports activities there is a place for excuses.

How not to miss a walk training?

1.The weather is bad outside: cold, it is raining

Yes, it will be harder for you to move in the rain or in cold weather. However, many great athletes conduct their training regardless of weather conditions. In order not to overcool and not soak through you just pick the right clothes and shoes. In the warmth and comfort you will not even think about skipping the walking training! To make it easier for you to move, follow the rule of three layers of clothing. They will save you from cold and rain.

Go outside and start your workout, your muscles will warm up quickly and will be ready to go. I guarantee you that after a quality warm-up you yourself will want to walk through the frosty or rainy streets of your city. You should also remember that a small reward for your perseverance is always waiting for you at home: a warm bath and delicious tea or hot coffee!

athlete does not want to miss training because of the rain

2. I am too tired to go to the gym!

In vain you think that you need to be a trained professional with strong leg muscles to run or walk. You should remember that it is these trainings that will help you become such an athlete. By the way, walking fights your fatigue very effectively. While jogging, you leave negative thoughts behind, go into a state of flow and gradually make your body perfect. Do you still want to skip the walking training? I think no! Try to drink more water during training, many athletes say that they are more exhausted by dehydration and not the fatigue in their bodies.

3. I am sick, so I can skip the walking training!

Running with a runny nose really causes only discomfort and negative thoughts. Yes, you should still leave serious exhausting workouts so that the body can relax and recover. However, this process may take a couple of weeks. To keep your body in good shape. You should often go for a walk in the fresh air. Put on your clothes more warmly, choose a simple route and arrange an easy walk in a comfortable for you topic. Walking will help improve your health, and it will also trigger your immune system.

Be careful with such walks, if you feel very bad, then go back home immediately. Also consult your health care provider. If he says that walking hurts you, then try to comply with bed rest!

4. I’m bored in traininggirl listens to music so as not to get bored in training

If you started saying such words to yourself, then it’s time to change something! For example, choose a new route for jogging, carry a player with your favorite music, pick up a new rhythm of breathing and running. You can also invite your friend or colleague from work to practice. This way you can find something new in your workouts. It may seem to you that all these tips are too obvious, however, many athletes say that even such trifles help them well!

5. I have many other things to do

“Now we need to do the cleaning. A new part of favorite series has been released. I have taken the work home, I need to finish! ”- familiar thoughts? At this rate, you will completely cease to play sports and lose your physical form, which you have been creating for so long! The new series will not leave you anywhere, cleaning can be postponed for the weekend. Training takes you a maximum of 30 minutes. Should you skip the walking training session lose shape for a little entertainment or non-urgent business?

6. I don’t see the result of my training

Many sources say that regular walking or Nordic walking will help you lose weight and become athletic. But when did you see fast results in sports? Athletes work for months and years to make their bodies strong and resilient. The result of training is here, you may just ignore it. Every day you see yourself in a mirror and gradual changes may seem intangible to you.

You will notice dramatic changes if you decide to skip the walking workout several times. Your body will become flabby and unprepared. Want to check it out? I doubt it.

7. I don’t like being watched by others during training

Many people feel uncomfortable while hiking. But you should think about the fact that you not only care about your health, but also give an example to follow for other people! By the way, many men and women can’t bring themselves to start running or walking until they see a living example. When you walk past them, they think, “Wow, this cool guy or girl is so great! If he/ she runs, then I can too! ” Put on your best tracksuit and boldly go running. Your ghostly doubts are not a reason to miss your walking training.

athlete sets an example to other people

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