What team sport is suitable for a child? 3 popular team sports

Almost any team sport is suitable for a child. In each of them there are many useful ideas and solutions. Your child develops in terms of social skills; he can make new friends. Also, the kid learns the basics of discipline, mutual assistance and responsibility within the team. Such sports can show him what team cohesion is.

In addition to mental ideas and values, team sport fits a child because it develops physically. His muscles become stronger, coordination and immunity improves. Also, the child is constantly in a state of flow and receives a huge amount of positive emotions due to regular competitions and improving their results.

What team sport is suitable for a child?

Today we consider the 3 most popular team sports.

Reasons to give the child to the football section

1.Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The advantage is that you can easily find a football section in your city where you can send a child. Because of the popularity of this sport, in many parts of the city there is a football field where your child can train. This team sport is suitable for a child, because he has many different roles and positions that may be comfortable for him.

In addition, football is not the most expensive sport in terms of equipment. It is enough for you to buy high-quality sportswear and good boots.

2. Due to different positions in football, a child learns to play in several roles and gains leadership skills. These skills are sure to be useful to children not only on the football field, but also in adulthood.

3. This team sport is suitable for the child because of the requirement for flexible thinking. A child learns planning, willpower and perseverance. In addition, children can now be given to the football section since they are 3 years old.

4. Traditionally, football training is conducted outdoors. Tournaments are also held on the lawn. A child does not have to sit in a stuffy, enclosed area. He constantly breathes fresh air.

Boys are playing football

Why can I give the child to the hockey section?

  1. Hockey is a sport that requires a lot of physical activity from a person. During matches and training sessions, the child trains his eyesight: you constantly have to watch the opponent and the puck. He also strengthens his cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Without these skills, the athlete would quickly get tired and could not be on the ice for a long time.
  2. Hockey players are not exposed to respiratory diseases, as they ride on dry ice in a sports facility. Your child will skate with pleasure, knowing that he will not have to hurt because of the cold and damp.
  3. This sport is suitable for a child because it develops his reaction and sense of speed. Hockey players are very active athletes. In order to have time to intercept the puck, they must have a lightning reaction. All these skills, your child will be able to master in hockey training.
  4. Hockey develops the whole body. During training on skates and with a stick in the hands of a hockey player uses almost all muscle groups to show the best result. Not surprisingly, many hockey players look so strong and slim in the photo without their equipment.

hockey is great for a child as a team sport

Why is volleyball as a team sport suitable for a child?

  1. This sport is not as dangerous as the football or hockey. The number of injuries is much less due to the fact that the child does not have to constantly establish tactile contact with an opponent: constant shocks, interceptions, knocking the ball or puck.
  2. No matter what your physical data is. We all think that you need to go to volleyball only if you are tall. These are erroneous conclusions. The main thing in volleyball is to be physically fit. Thanks to this sport, people not only become athletes, but also lose excess fat. If your child has been sedentary for a long time, then volleyball will help him become fast, agile and slim.
  3. Thanks to volleyball, a child learns to coordinate his movements. Volleyball is a sport where people often fall or are on the verge of falling. For this reason, athletes learn to properly group their bodies so that the fall is as painless as possible. It will be a rewarding experience for your child, as children often fall when they play on something outdoors or at home. Thus, you eliminate the risk of injury to the head and limbs of your baby.
  4. Little children can do volleyball too. The youngest volleyball groups recruit children from 8 years old. It’s okay if your son or daughter decides to go to this sports section later. Volleyball is quite a convenient sport in the sense that it is easy to get into it. Especially if your child previously engaged in another sport. It will be very easy for him to understand the basics of the game of volleyball.
  5. Volleyball training – charging for the reaction and muscles. Volleyball is a dynamic sport that requires not only impeccable physical training, but also a lightning reaction. If earlier your child was inactive and absent-minded, then at such trainings he would instantly get rid of the shortcomings!

girls play volleyball


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