What sports psychologist can do for kids

Sport provide kids with adult emotions. And sports psychologist for kids is really important here. As children is not always able to manage even with their “little” problems.

Besides, talking to sports psychologist for kids and overcoming the difficulties in sport have a positive effect on all the other life area of a child. He will bring a strategy of dealing the difficulties from sport to studying at school or relationships.

Mental risks in sport and how does sports psychologist for kids help

Wrong kind of sport

It is very important choose the right activity to a child. And sports psychologist for kids can help in it. Actually, it is the first task he must do. This avoids unpleasant situations, when a child refuses to attend training for which has been spent a lot of money and made efforts.

Taking a child into “any” sports or the one YOU preferer is not a right decision. The child may not be interested in this kind of sport or even in sport as in general. And forcing him to practice in this case is a mistake. Neither you nor the child will be happy about it. If you allow your child to choose an occupation he likes and support him, it is quite possible there will be great success and achievements.

Sport activity should be chosen according to the temperament and character of the kid. Also, there must be take into account interests and things he likes. Maybe there is particular kind of sport he wants to do or a famous sportsman he is fond of.


ports psychologist for kids

Whatever aim parents have, when they give their child at a sport section, and whatever mom and dad say about it, there is always a hope about great success.

Some parents want their children to become a champion and to this purpose send their children to the professional sport. In this case their children from the early age are being prepared for a certain life that is spinning around the sport.

Such parents put too much pressure on their child and make them train a lot. The workload may be too big for the child. And this will cause not only to aversion to the sport, but also can simply ruin the mental health.

Besides, the pressure on the child increases, when a boy or a girl realize that a lot of money are invested in his sports activity and development and he have a huge responsibility. He feels like he HAVE TO and MUST do it. Because authorities in the person of parents want it, and they do not want or sometimes even have a fear to disappoint them. But this responsibility is absolutely not for his age.

In this situation a sports psychologist gets all ducks in a row, so to say. There are two situations – when there is a point to work with a child and when there is a point to work with a parent.

At first one, the psychologist helps the kid to overcome difficulties and save mental health, keep it away from psychological traumas. In the second case it is necessary to explain to a parent that he puts too much pressure and why it is bad. Maybe it will require a more thorough work to make clear that a child is an individual person who has its own interests. This face resistance with parents who pathologically sure they know what is better for his child.

School and lack of free time

When a child grows up and starts to go school, it takes most of his daytime. He also has to do homework that takes the time too. Besides, at this age children are begun to be involved at house work – cleaning, washing, cooking, gardening and what not. Thus, they don’t have much free time, especially if they do professional sport and trains a lot.

They are not able to take mind away from school stress and do what they really want. Its like to go for a walk, play the guitar or chat with friends. Some of them are not even have an ability to be on their own with thoughts! But this is really important for mental health. After a hard day they just fall asleep as soon as touch a pillow.

This permanent tiredness is a great stress and if you and your child want to continue sport, the help of the psychologist is really necessary. He will help to manage with it and to draw up a schedule. Whereas the fact that sports psychologists for kids can come to work at your home, it doesn’t take much time that is already in lack. But the result will be significant.

Crisis in childhood

There are situations when a child who has recently run and bounce to the training suddenly say he will not go there anymore. And a parent is shocked, they refuse to just let all this go by its own. The psychologist helps in this situation. He talks to the child and find out the problem, motivate and support him. Very often such situations are caused by sports burnout. And after a kid copes with it, he reaches great success, as it is familiar to plateau effect – a child has already got great achievements but no more interested in it or got a state of stagnation. The sports psychologist for kids together with the parents helps to overcome this crisis. But in some situations, the only solution is changing the type of physical activity.

Acceptance of losings and fails

child learn to do sport with the help of psychologist

The defeat at competitions becomes is a real tragedy for a child. Because they take it too close to the heart and it seems for them to have huge importance. It Is even worse when such situation disappoints parents. This give more pressure to a child and make him feel himself as a loser. Besides if there is no support even from mom and dad, a kid loses self-confidence and starts to think he is not able to do anything.

This situation also requires sports psychologist for kids’s work both with the child and the parents. And managing it will improve the quality of their relationships. Besides this is a great experience in overcoming difficulties and this affect child’s development and its character. That is why sportsmen are more capable to solve the problems and have a strong character. But all these are possible only with a good mentor, which can not always be a sport coach.

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