Sport kids and their parents’ behavior at home

Talk about parents’ behavior at home towards sport kid is inevitable. Analysis of matches, assessment of progress, comparison with peers, etc. — is the daily life in the family where a sport kid grows.

Choose the words and remember that sport kids develop in different ways

It is important to be careful and choose your words when it comes to comparing with other sport kids. Children subconsciously do it themselves in training and competitions. Do not add them stress and undermine their self-esteem. This will only lead to psychological problems, social isolation and refusing to continue training.

I think you understand the difference between the examples: “Jared runs faster than you” and “look how fast Jared runs, he is such a good athlete!”. Is it worth clarifying that it would be better to say the second option? It is better to pay attention to the advantages of peers and motivate to get equal results than to underline the mistakes and shortcomings, blame for clumsiness, that the sport kid is not so good.

sport kid at home - how parents should behave

Unfortunately, parents not in all families behave in this way and choose the right words. Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to the question of sport kid and their parents’ behavior at home. It is important to remember that each child develops differently. We should not expect the same progress and results.

Success at the moment will certainly have an impact on the future. But sport kids can always get better, it’s never too late for perfection. And the fact that the child is not in the top 10 does not mean that he will not be among the best in a few years. His current position in the ranking does not determine his future position. Just like the first place in the children’s category does not give absolute guarantees of success in adult one.

Cheating. Do not deceive yourself and you sport kid

In professional sports, we have heard about cases of doping at competitions. What scandals! In kids’ sports, of course, it is difficult to imagine it. Even the most desperate parents will hardly ever agree to give drugs and stimulants for their sport kids.

However, this does not mean that there are no ways to “cheat” and “break the system”. This applies more to individual sports.

Some parents participate with their sport kids in all competitions of their specialty or related sports activities, just to snatch diplomas, prizes and rewards. In the worst case, a certificate of participation, just to replenish the portfolio. However, this is not such a bad option, especially in comparison with other cases.

Some parents deliberately seek competition with unscrupulous judges and bribe them. An extreme case is when parents send their sport kids to participate only in such events to be sure in win.

But this way of thinking is a dead end. Instead of developing the sport kid and his abilities, such parents only train themselves in the art of deception. Once the sport kid realize the situation, and all his gold medals lose their value, and the self-esteem falls.

sport kid at home - how to bring up a champion

Training is obligatory

There may be periods when child’s interest in sports will fluctuate. In most cases, this is only because he is used to training. Sports activity does not cause such vivid emotions anymore. It’s like playing with toys. The new toy-car is always interesting, but after a couple of days there is nothing special in it.

And the parents don’t even think to get kids to do sports. It seems to them that there is nothing wrong to miss a training, if children watch an interesting movie or have fun and play with each other. But it’s wrong. It is important to teach the child to overcome “do not want” in the present, to achieve “what I want” in future.

The role of the parent at this time is precisely to encourage and mobilize. Training requires punctuality, regularity and responsibility – qualities important for athletes. They will be useful in adult life, and they are formed at the initial stage by parents. Therefore, do not be lazy to take your sport kid to training and do not teach him to be lazy. Training has obligatory, not optional character.

parents should motivate their sport kid at home

Another important aspect in the development of sport kid, which is the parents’ responsibility, is nutrition. Parents should remember that their children are more active than their peers, so it is important what and how they eat.

Sport kid’s nutrition should be varied, based on natural products. It should provide the necessary amount of energy and nutrients. Do not forget that the little athlete needs to drink a lot of water.

Parent and coach are the one team

Without good cooperation between the coach and the parents it is difficult to imagine the successful and long-term development of the sport kid. This cooperation must be based on trust.

parents behaviour at home - sport kid

A good coach, as a professional in his field, must show the way in which he and the parents go together. It also defines the role of the parents, the scope of their activities, so that they feel they are useful, but also do not cross the border and did not go to the “territory” of the coach. It is the coach who should appoint trainings and competitions, which, unfortunately, does not always meet the family plans (for example, vacation).

Dear parents, thanks to your support and perseverance sport kids can realize their sports dreams. You have a unique opportunity to be with your children, to see how they develop physically and emotionally, to experience the beautiful moments of victory together, as well as the bitterness of failure. Even conversations and hours spent in the car on the way to training or competitions will pay off, and one day your sport kids will appreciate your attention and participation in their lives.

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