Self-confidence. Not as simple as it seems…

Sports psychologists say that it’s self-confidence that is the key factor in unsuccessful or successful performance at competitions.

Many coaches and athletes don’t always correctly understand what self-confidence is. We suggest you explore the very trust, where it comes from and how to control it.

To begin, let us see what mistakes athletes make regarding their confidence:

People try to convince themselves that they are confident. They concentrate only on this thought

Athletes constantly say: “I can beat him!”, “It seems to me that I will lose in this competition.” They are trying to instill in themselves the idea that they feel confident, but this is not so. Self-confidence is not an emotion; a person cannot feel it. This is the faith that makes an athlete act!

What to do: refuse to feel confident. Start thinking confidently!

Athletes do not work on their confidence, letting it go to chance

It is unlikely that you leave your workout or diet to chance. This should not be done with your confidence. It requires serious work on your part. Many athletes do not know how to develop their confidence in what to do. You only remember that it does not rise instantly or through magic means.

What to do: develop exercises and strategies that will help you increase your confidence. Make it so at sport events so it become an expectation, not a hope.

People think that confidence is single

Many athletes don’t even realize that self-confidence is multidimensional. Man cannot be absolutely sure of everything. A volleyball player can be confident in his submission, but at the same time he may doubt his skills of passing the ball to other team members. For this reason, our overall confidence is formed by adding confidence in each individual skill.

What to do: now you know that there are several types of confidence. Accept this fact and try to pay more attention to each individual confidence in a skill. If you can do this, then your overall confidence will always be on top!

уверенный в себе спортсмен выполняет упражнения

Athletes do not understand what is the source of their confidence

Self-confidence can not appear from nowhere and also go to nowhere. It must have its origins. The athlete must clearly understand where he takes his confidence from, who or what makes him believe in himself.

What to do: find the source of your confidence. When you do this, it will be clear how to further develop your confidence.

Athletes start with general confidence, not paying attention to details

You should never start doing something “top to bottom”. This rule applies to self-confidence. You must first develop confidence in individual sports skills, and only then create a general confidence that all your skills work like a clock.

What to do: start working with the sources of your confidence, understand what you do best, and what you have to work with.

Don’t let negatives absorb you

You have already understood that it is impossible to develop only general self-confidence. Now you should remember that a negative attitude towards yourself and your business spoils confidence and motivation. Because of the negative, you perform technical actions not quite correctly, repeating the same mistakes. For example, you play tennis and you have a good technique.

However, you aren’t quite right, hold the racket because of which, when you kick the ball, you get a nasty dull pain in your hand. Because of a bad mood, you are not thinking specifically about this skill, but about the game as a whole. It seems to you that you just play bad tennis. You are accustomed to the fact that you developed general confidence, and did not start with confidence in each individual element of the game technique.

девушка не может выполнять упражнение и ее уверенность в себе нарушена

Mood is everything

It’s easy to be confident when you are in a good mood, in favorable conditions and when you are competing with someone who is weaker than you. However, the real test of your confidence is your reaction to times when things are not going according to plan. Consider it a challenge to your confidence.

The best athlete is distinguished from all others by the fact that they are able to maintain self-confidence even when they are not in the first place. Despite the defeat, they do not give up and continue to work on themselves. Because they know that gradually their skills will develop more and they will be able to win.

Athletes who are subject to negativity and are aimed at failures find themselves in a situation of constant self-doubt and low performance. It is difficult to get out of this problem quickly and without consequences. So, try to avoid negative thoughts. On the other hand, athletes with increased self-confidence are trying to maintain their confidence and are looking for opportunities to improve their results.

спортсмен имеет высокую уверенность в себе

How to solve problems with self-confidence:

  • Старайтесь решать более спорные и сложные ситуации или проблемы. Итак, развивайте уверенность, что вы справитесь с любой задачей;
  • Сделайте себе установку: тестирование является необходимой мерой, чтобы стать лучшим спортсменом;
  • Будьте готовы решать проблемы. Ищите необычные способы их решения;
  • Сосредоточьте свое внимание на том, что необходимо сделать для разрешения противоречивых или сложных ситуаций;
  • Когда вы сталкиваетесь с трудностями, оставайтесь мотивированными и позитивными;
  • Помните, что неудача не конец света. Помните, что каждый испытывает неудачу;
  • Никогда не сдавайся!

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