Positive self-talk – don’t leave a chance for negative thoughts!

Sports psychologists say that a positive self-talk has a strong influence on the results of any sports activity. Many athletes regularly encounter victories and defeats, and here it’s vital to be able to stay in a good mood. A person protects varies from negative thoughts and adjusts to work on mistakes and further progress in sports.

Negative attitude contributes not only to a negative result, but also to lowering the athlete’s self-esteem. Constant repetition of negative attitudes in your head leads to disastrous consequences.

To avoid such problems, it’s necessary to start a positive self-talk.

the athlete can have a positive self-talk and wins the race

Let’s look at a few steps that will help you set up a dialogue with your “I” and start thinking positively:

Banish negative thoughts

To begin with, you should understand which phrases and attitudes regularly occur in your head. Negative expressions can block your mood for success. Instead of the phrase “I can’t” better ask yourself “Why can’t I?”. Try to answer this question, discuss it with yourself. Don’t forget to do this every time you tell yourself something negative.

Stop the negative dialogue with your “I”

If you notice that negative thoughts still have penetrated your head and you actively perceive them, then tell yourself “stop.” Stop perceiving these thoughts and switch to something else. If you can’t stop, say the word “stop” out loud. Pinch yourself. In this way, you distract yourself from a negative self-talk.

Pull back

Obsessive thoughts “How to become better?” and “What is my concern?” only reinforce your sense of embarrassment or anxiety. Start contacting yourself by name or in a second, third person. Ask yourself the questions “How can you become better?” or “What is your concern?”. This technique will allow you to build a certain distance and restrain negative emotions.

Take a positive look at your mistakes in society

because of a positive self-talk friends do not give upMany people are often owls or confused in social situations. If you happen to get into an unpleasant or embarrassing situation in a public place or at a competition, then don’t begin to reproach or scold yourself. Don’t think “I’m nervous at any competition!”, Better replace this thought with something more neutral: “I feel a little strange at competitions, but I like to feel the drive from the sport that I do!”

Don’t scold yourself if you encounter failure

Don’t self-flagellation if something goes wrong. For example, when you can’t do an exercise, don’t say to yourself: “I will never be able to do it, my coach will be disappointed in me!”. Better have a positive self-talk: “I haven’t yet come out to do this exercise. But if I try a little more, then I will definitely succeed, and the coach will be pleased with me!” Such conversations will help you realize that this isn’t a disaster and any problem can be solved. The main thing to be prepared.

Don’t let external factors affect your attitudefriend supports athlete

Find external negative factors that influence your positive thinking. For example, it may be friends who don’t believe in you. You should limit communication with them or start filtering their words. Because you can adopt their negative statements and apply them to yourself. Try to surround yourself with people who believe in you and are ready to support in a sports career. Their positive thoughts will help you grow spiritually and physically.

Share your experiences and mistakes with other people

Your embarrassment and shame take power over you, but only when you keep them secret. Tell about your actions or adventures to someone you can trust. Such a conversation will help you relax, feel better and get rid of negative and disturbing thoughts that have been accumulating for a long time.

Take a look at your fears

Fears and phobias build a wall between you and your success. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, otherwise you will miss important things, events and people in life. Determine what you are afraid of. Take a look at your own fear and think: “Why am I so afraid of it?” Perhaps your fears are not so critical.

the girl is afraid of their fears

Don’t let negative thoughts prevail over your mind. You often see a positive self-talk and build your way to success!

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