Iceberg illusion. The price of success.

Success is not a coincidence, it’s a reward for hard and long work.

Everyperson wants to be successful and each one of course has this right to be so, to achieve any height in a field they want. 

It can be presented as an iceberg: above water there is what people see. As usual it is all the benefits a man have got after the hard work. Under the water one can see what it really is. After all, success, like many other things, has two sides. 

price of success people don't see

What people see:

Very few people think about what lies behind a success and even less know the truth. People see only great body and incredible physical characteristics. And the struggle of success they often don’t see. The difficulties remain in shadows, as well as fatigue, personal problems and health quality. The sportsman must always be in shape and it is not an easy thing. Not everyone can stand such physical exertion as they do.

Only the result is onthe surface and it a regular thing, but there is another side which is not illuminated as a rule.  

What people don’t see:

Let’s dissect what is the real price of success point by point.

real price of success

1. Persistence. Only regular trainings and commitment to the goal yield results. Sportsmen have to do work for a long time handling the problems they face to achieve their success. During all the career they do steps towards the goal and keep resistance for it.

2. Failure and disappointment. There are always many obstacles in sport career. And it is impossible to achieve anything if there is a fear to make mistakes or wrong decision. Every sportsman requires some time to do his activity in a right way. They failed for the first time and the second … and the fiftieth but they had kept trying and finally got results! All the famous sportsmen fall but didn’t give up and give in to disappointment. That is why they are famous now. People who have sport achievements learnt from the mistakes and turn it into valuable experience.

3. Sacrifice. While some people have a little Friday party, others eat tasteless chicken breast and go to the gym. While some people watch TV, others bandage their injuries. Discipline makes us sacrifice satisfaction in order to reach the goal.

4. Disipline. The value of this factor is difficult to overestimate. It makes you to do sports in a proper way. In order to eat healthy food living in the world of sweet and junk temptations, a man also needs discipline. It is also necessary to rest and do workout according to a special schedule. Discipline has a very strong influence on achievement the goals that you set for yourself.

5. Hard work. All the sportsman that impress and motivate you have done a great work. Every day they get challenges to produce something greater than yesterday and break through their possible limits. Sportsmen need to be really strong and keep improving the physical characteristics. And in this order there must be regular trainings and big strain. There is no place for weak people!

If there is success – this is the result of a long struggle through a lot of difficulties, failures and disappointments. Hard work doesn’t come easy and good habits are hard to follow. There is disappointment, self sacrifice, failure in a sport career. Only through these trials of persistence the goals and success can be reached. We shouldn’t depreciate sportsmen work noticing and talking about only top of the iceberg. All the people who has a huge upper part, also have a tough low part of it.

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