How to deal with stress in sports?

While training, you feel relaxed and confident, and during competitions you become depressed, your knees are shaking, and your breath is quickly lost? If the feeling of fear and anxiety create problems for you during your performance at competitions, then you should learn to control and suppress your stressful state, otherwise your result will never be positive.

Anxiety of athlete very often arises on the day of competition due to the presence of an audience that appreciates it and because of his own high expectations. This type of stress arises from the fact that a person interprets the situation in his own way. He may not listen to encouraging shouts from the stands, but he will definitely listen to his inner voice, which will cast doubt on his athletic skills. In this case, it should be remembered that any situation has different outcomes. And the person’s opinion about the event should also change.

спортсмен не может бороться со стрессом после поражения в футбольном турнире

First of all, athlete should think about whether his thoughts of failure are the result of lack of confidence in his own sports skills. If a person really thinks so, then a negative conversation with himself can only increase anxiety and tension. In order not to engage in self-torture athlete must learn to have a positive self-talk.

In addition to a positive conversation with yourself in the fight against stress the support of a coach or a sports psychologist helps. They are professionals who know which tricks and trainings will have a positive effect on the mental state of the athlete.

How to deal with stress?

There are many reasons due to which athletes may experience severe stress, fear or irritation. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few helpful tips that can help redirect or change your views on stress.

How to deal with stress before the competition:

Understand that fear is normal

Don’t tell yourself that you are afraid that you will fail. Better say to yourself: “This is just a light rush of adrenaline in the blood! My body is preparing for a competition! ”Just remember that this should be just a small remark, not an obsessive thought or conviction. When the race or the competition itself begins, the feeling of anxiety will pass by itself.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically

Come to the competition as soon as possible. Walk on the sports ground, do a warm-up, calmly change your clothes. So, you get used to the situation and will feel much more confident.

Present the whole course of events

Practice visualization. Imagine all the stages of the competition: the way you warm up, do the exercise, show your skills and win. This is one of the options for a positive conversation with yourself. Visualization will help you come up with a good strategy, overcome excitement and prepare for unexpected outcomes of events.

athlete won the marathon

How to deal with stress during a competition:

Concentrate on the process, not on the result

Constant thinking about the result can pull you into a state of great stress. The more you think about the outcome of the competition, the faster your thoughts go from the state of “I will definitely win!” To the state of “I will definitely lose!”. Concentrate on the process. As soon as you notice that you are talking to yourself in a negative way, then shift your attention to the breath and its rhythm. This technique will help you to return to sober thinking.

A simple smile can change a lot

Yes, everything is so simple! If you are trying to cope with stress, but your positive conversation with yourself isn’t enough, then just make yourself smile for a few seconds. Strange as it may sound, a smile can reduce stress and make you come to your senses.

Don’t dwell on the result

We already speak above about concentration on the process, and not on the result. If you are in a state of severe stress, then it will be difficult to give all the best to you. Consider that you just fight with someone, enjoy the process. This technique will relax you and add confidence.

athletes are at the start and ready for the sprint race

How to deal with stress after a competition:

Analyze your performance and determine what you did well

Identify the thoughts, attitudes and actions that helped you cope with stress during a competition. Decide what you can personally cheer.

Analyze your performance and determine what you did poorly

You always have to accept your mistakes. But don’t blame yourself for something that you didn’t work out. Take your failures as an opportunity for further work on yourself.

Simulate the conditions of competition in training

Remember the conditions in which you competed with other athletes. Recreate the atmosphere and atmosphere of the competition in your workout. Invite a coach, friends and other athletes from your team. Conduct a training session that will be as close to the competition as possible. Thanks to this exercise, your coach and team members will be able to say what you are good at and what you should fix.

Not every athlete can fight stress independently. The most important thing is to understand in time the causes of your stress. Don’t leave your mental health without attention. Pure thoughts of an athlete – his spiritual strength and support in any competition.

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