How long does it take to develop an habit

We all know how difficult it is to get rid of bad habits. The number of tryings to give up smoking or late staying awake that failed can be devastating!

Sometimes it is even harder to deal with positive ones– to develop an habit and then adopt all the life. Otherwise, everyone would do sport and eat healthy food much more often. Everyone would be beautiful and have good health. But doing it requires a great effort and overcoming yourself.

They say “Habit is the second nature”. It means habit is the action that we do without thinking and making an effort. And new situation requires to think about how should we react. And this get us out of a comfort zone. We don’t want to get in such situation again. That is why it is so difficult to develop a habit.

Although consolidation positive habit is reversedrelatively getting rid of negative, it also includesactions that demand a huge willpower and self-discipline. And it is what brings you to a good habit and makes you be better.

21-40-90 days to develop a habit

21 days to develop an habit

It’s common knowledge that a man needs 21 day to change himself. Scientists consider that this time is required to form the neural pathways in brain. For 21 days the habit formation process ends. BUT despite the new pathwayshave been formed, the old ones have not gone away yet. We are always at a crossroads: what habits – old or new – to follow.

40 days to develop an habit

And last research shows us that the will and self-discipline are also necessary in future time, although ina lesser extent. And now we know the rule of 21 day as a first but big step in getting a good habit. It takes about 40 daysfor old neural pathways to be abated.

This is the period of consolidation of the habit. At the end of 40 days, you are already living with the new habit, but it still does not work “automatically”, it takes some effort to follow it.

90 days to develop a habit

And finally comes the third step that lasts 90 days. If you overcome it, the new habit will steadily enter your life. No more tension is needed to follow it. The action becomes automatic.

morning activity

This rule 21-40-90 works in all spheres of life. Whether it is health (most health recovery systems are made for at least 21 days) or habit to do workouts and go to a gym.

So it takes about almost about half a year to get a good habit, but you don’t have to make much effort during all the time. The biggest part of strain is concentrated on the first 21 days. It is the most important part, after it, following a new schedule, diet and training becomes much easier.

If you want to change your life, for example, to start morning running, then just start. This is not so difficult as seems. You need to make yourself get up early and do some activity only for 21 days. And then you will love it and won’t be able to start a day without it.

And then you will love it and won’t be able to start a day without it.

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