How grit helps in sport

Everybody sometimes faces the problems that have to be solved, but not always people feel themselves strong enough to manage with it. Stage of stagnation, hectic schedule of trainings, injuries and falls – all of this suffocates sportsman and create doubts about his place in sport.

In such situation a man can give up and let things take their own course. This leads to hoarding difficulties until it becomes critical. Other man get a grip on himself and gets over it. Of course, behavior depends on people’s character features and bringing up during childhood. And whether a man can overcome difficulties is determined by its grit.

This spiritual strength helps to overcome the troubles of life. It starts to work when all the other resources have already run out.

athlete in disappointment

Grit is often ignored by psychologists, but this item explains a man’s success or losing in their goals very often, as in most cases this is the only thing we need in order to reach aim. This works in sport as well, because regular trainings and keeping the diet are important to become a great champ. And even you are no compete for high title, permanence and continuity promote best results.

What is grit?

It can be defined as the power of perseverance and passion for goals. The definition implies firmness in a decision implementation, ability to follow the intended goal. Sometimes it happens that at the beginning of doing sport activity there is a surge of enthusiasm. A man inspired of how strong and beautiful he will be. But then the enthusiasm decreases and difficulties appear, so a sportsman starts to move towards the aim with some doubt. Here grit determines whether a man continue or not.

Nature of study?

The good news is that everyone can make good results in sport, because grit is not an innate characteristic. Despite an opinion that it is a specificity of outstanding people like heroes or a man who was born to be brilliant, mostly it depends on bringing up and self-development. We study it during our life in one or another degree anyway.

And all the great sportsmen have great grit. Because they had to work for a long time keeping a special system and without strong will it would be impossible. Although it may seems no one works as hard as you to make things ok, and everyone get success easy and “for free”, the truth is that distinguished sportsmen OBTAIN their results with hard work.


At first examine your view. Often basic beliefs that were got according to past experience limit you and are irrelevant now. If you are convinced that will never achieve success in sport, then you will easily give up on it when face the plateau effect. Or when you see a great athlete, you will be demotivated with thoughts “it is impossible to have strength approximately like his”. You act according to what you believe. To get good results, you should believe you can do it.

No matter what grit level you have now, you can improve it!

Secondly control your thoughts. Stop permanently worrying about results. If trainings haven’t brought you expected results don’t blame yourself and get angry, but keep doing work. Negative emotions only impede improving.

Third thing that should be done is noting result. Do it everyday to motivate yourself. When you see how much have been done and reached it would be hard to give up.


And the most important thing is developing habit. If you are accustomed to do sport regular, you perceive it as an element of everyday routine, so you don’t have to make much effort to do it.

To sum up, you can achieve any height you want. And the most important thing for it is regularity that grit helps to achieve.

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