Healthy self-esteem is a fundamental pillar of a happy life. 11 tips to make positive attitude to yourself

Healthy self-esteem is necessary for a happy life. It is difficult to live with either too low or too high self-esteem. Have you ever heard the statement that high self-esteem is a perverted form of low self-esteem?

Healthy self-esteem helps us to improve the quality of life, make better and positive decisions and simply allows us to live better and more calmly. When you get along with yourself, you respect yourself and take better care of yourself.

There are many factors that affect self-esteem. In sports their even more. Failures and false expectations on the training and competition reduce the belief in yourself and your abilities.

The later a person decides to correct his self-esteem, the harder it is to do. Sometimes the help of the specialist is required to build up self-confidence again.

But if the problem is not so great and you haven’t got to the line, here are some tips on how to bring yourself and your self-esteem back to normal.

Forgive yourself sometimes and don’t worry about mistakes

Perhaps you have prepared for the competitions in a bad way, said something inappropriate to your friend or maybe you spent too much money on the equipment that was not very necessary or didn’t help and now you need to borrow money from someone … It can happen to anyone.

Do not torture yourself with guilt, start thinking more constructively. If you are really sorry and do not like this state of affairs, remember this the next time you find yourself in the same situation before making decision. Think about what you can fix and just keep living. Consider it a lesson, but don’t scratch the wound. Accept it and move on.

forgive yourself to get self-esteem and self-confidence

Surround yourself with people who are pleasant to you

Do you communicate with people just because you feel you have to? Because you communicated well in the past, or they might be offended? Unfortunately, these are the worst reasons to maintain “friendly” relations.

Meeting friends should give you the strength and desire to live so that you feel you’re having a good time. Do not force yourself to be in the company of people with whom you feel bad.

Establish new relationships that will inspire and motivate you to act.

Appreciate what you are good at

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “what am I good at?”. It’s not about some amazing skills that will allow you to stand out and make yourself Superman in the eyes of others. It’s about those simple actions that you do well.It’s not even about the sport you do.

If you’re a good cook, just go to the kitchen and cook something. Especially if you like it and it improves your mood. Go for it!

If you know how to write good texts, write something – blog, write stories. Do what you like to do.

Say “no” when it is necessary

so "no" when necessary to get healthy self-esteem and self-confidence

It’s not about saying it to everyone, like in the reverse version of the movie with Jim Carrey – “Yes man“. It is about honesty and ability to defend the opinion and the interests.

Stop helping and doing favors to others if you don’t want or it is inconvenient for you. You don’t owe anyone anything.

Moreover, learn to say “no” to yourself. If, during your daily business you suddenly start to think about something bad that makes you feel bad, then just stop.  Say “no!””stop!”. Stop thinking negatively.

Stop trying to adapt to others

Reconsider your behavior – what are its motivation and motives? Think about it – are you doing something because you want to meet the expectations of a girl or a guy, parents, friends? Are you really fond of sports and like to do it?

Your decisions must first of all meet your interests. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to compromise or do something for a loved one. But you can’t always do everything just to “please others”. Think about yourself.

do what you want, not the other people to get healthy self-esteem and self-confidence

Stop procrastinating and waiting

When you think about something for a long time before make a decision, what happens in your head? Do you feel good that a question or a problem is hanging over you?

If you like what you want, why don’t you do it? The right moment will never come, there will always be an argument to postpone a little more.  So it makes no sense to put off what you like for later. The best time is here and now. Just do it, make a decision and act.

Allow yourself to change

allow changing to make healthy self-esteem and self-confidence

You have to go? Or would you like to leave? Do you need to change your job or the place you live in? All right, do it right now.

Change scares all of us, and that’s ok. But sometimes we need a little storm in our lives. It can be so much better than being miserable in one place and waiting.

Ask for more

“Ask and it will be given to you.” So simple and so difficult at the same time.

If you don’t feel like you deserve something, it’s definitely due to your low self-esteem. Why do you think you don’t deserve it? Maybe it’s just the opposite. Make a wish, voice what you want.

You never know what fate will bring. Maybe what you’re dreaming about is within your reach, but you don’t know it because you don’t speak out loud.

Be responsible for yourself

Take matters into your own hands. If there’s something you should be responsible for, don’t run away from it. Carrying some responsibility, you will also feel that you are important in this world.


criticism affects self-esteem and self-confidence

Don’t judge, don’t criticize. You may have a different opinion from others, but this is not the reason to offend people and be rude. Just as you will not like it if your opinion is criticized, no one likes it. And there is nothing good in excessive and even more in aggressive criticism.

You are well aware that such criticism can damage and reduce self-esteem. If you are kind to others, others will be the same to you.

So, if you don’t agree with something that concerns you, it is worth saying about it. But it must be done calmly. Be ready to discuss different opinions and accept someone else’s point of view.


Respect for others is sometimes more important than self-esteem. It’s about being nice and patient and understanding with each other.

Remember that what you give to others also comes back to you. If you respect others, you will soon feel respect for yourself. And if you feel that those around you accept and consider your opinion, then your self-esteem will grow, you will feel your value.

As you can see, it all starts with yourself.

Think positive!

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