Where does the motivation go and how to stay interested in sport

Sometimes, an athlete who loved training so much, suddenly loses interest in sport and have no more motivation. At first it seems to him that it is not for a long time, but there are no good changes with time. It becomes more and more difficult to overcome yourself and go to training. As a result, the thing that once brought pleasure, imperceptibly and forever disappears from life. How to get the desire to train again? What do you need to do get motivated again?

There can have many different reasons for lost motivation. In general, it is not a permanent phenomenon. Its dynamics can be represented by a graph of the sine wave.

Once missed training

The problems begin when the training is constantly postponed and finally the athlete is behind schedule on the way to the goal.

Michael Jordan once mentioned this: “If you quit once, it becomes a habit. Never quit!”. In difficult moments, moments of despondency, it’s important to stay grit and persistent, to have psychological resilience. Also inspiring examples of people who struggled with their weaknesses before they succeeded can help.

just keep doing to keep and get motivated again

Famous athletes, businessmen or paralympians are the same people as everyone else. Sometimes they also feel the need to get motivated. The difference is they never stopped making their dreams come true. Michael Jordan was once kicked out of the team by coach decision, actor Daniel Craig, before he became James Bond, was homeless and lived in the London park, and Steve Jobs was expelled from the company he founded. But they did not give up and have achieved a lot. Jobs later pointed out: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

So even if you have no desire to go to training and it all seems to be totally pointless, still go. Even if your physical performance from this training does not improve, you will retain discipline. This will help you not only in the long term in sports, but generally in life to be more organized and successful. And soon you can get motivated again.

Set goals help to get motivated and stay interested in sport

If you loved to exercise before so much, where could motivation and interest go, do the workouts by themselves do not bring more satisfaction? Perhaps the answer is in the goals. Maybe the goals set at the beginning have already been achieved? In this case, it is necessary to open new horizons, set new goals and achieve them with the same grit and perseverance.

set new goals to get motivated again

And have you set the goals? It often happens, especially in cases with non-professional athletes, that they do not set goals, but simply engage. Someone might say, “I don’t need goals, I do it just because I like it.” That’s great! In this case, your interest and motivation are much higher, and they will stay longer.

But somewhen there will be a moment when the motivation and interest in sport begin to decline. And the question of how to get motivated again appear anyway. Therefore, sports psychologists recommend to set the goals, and to achieve them, then set new ones.

Lack of progress and expected results can also reduce the motivation of an athlete or a losing weight person. In this case, the solution will also be to setting new goals. But they have to be more real. Break one big step into a few more smaller steps that are easier to reach. And with successfully completing them you may get motivated again.

The “small steps method” taken from Kaizen’s Japanese philosophy, which is often used in business, can also be useful in sports. This method assumes that dividing the main goal into many smaller goals simplifies the work. Realizing small, less burdensome (but systematically) goals that are easier to manage is more enjoyable and less stressful, and ultimately often more effective than thinking about a seemingly distant and almost unattainable at the moment goal. So it is worth choosing a calm, but consistent, systematic pursuit of the goals to keep and get motivated.

ways to get motivated

If, for example, we want to start going to the gym, and our goal is to pump up \ “get in shape” or increase strength, we start quietly with small loads that we increase regularly, but slowly, improving the technique, instead of taking too much load, which will lead to injuries, and having no motivation. The most important thing is to be systematic and persistent.

Theory of motivation in sport

But let’s see how motivation works in general. Understanding the psychology of motivation can be very useful.

The type of motivation and its effectiveness depend primarily on three components:

  1. Direction. This is what we are focusing our efforts on, setting goals. You can enhance the effect by placing a list of targets on the desktop. Every day they will remind about successes and plans, motivate to make the right decisions. In addition, on a permanent basis, it is easier to keep tracking at what stage of the path we are now, how much closer we are to the finish line with each achieved sub-goal.
  2. Perseverance. How insistent is our determination to continue the activity until the goal is achieved.
  3. Intensity or how much energy we devote to this activity. How much involvement in the deal.

Motivation can be divided into external and internal.

In the case of the first one, winning medals, recognition, prestige motivate person . In the second case, personal development, character training, passion do it. Internal motivation is more effective in the long term, it is less dependent on external conditions, which we can not influence on.

What else can help to keep or get motivated

Small encouragement, such as a cup of good coffee after a good workout can help to keep or get motivated. Or other things that you love. It is important that they must be not regular or too accessible. They should be associated exactly with sports and training.

Sometimes it happens that we have no motivation, because do not see the progress, although it is there. Therefore, you should regularly save the results by taking photos after/during training or recording video. It’s easier to notice the progress and get motivated this way.

Even if we do get motivated, there is one more thing to do. We also need to have effective strategies – a training plan, diet, methods to help reduce stress, etc.

Don’t give up your passion, don’t give up so fast. Analyze your goals again, add something new, try to find new ways to get motivated. Divide the goal into smaller steps to make it easier for you to see your progress, and don’t forget the little prizes for yourself after each little win.

best ways how to get motivated

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