How to deal with criticism in sports?

We all are criticized by others – at school, at work, in training, after the match. In the sports world, coaches, journalists and fans also constantly evaluate players. The higher the level of competition, the more often the athlete has to deal with different opinions about himself. This is one of the biggest problems that players face. How to deal with criticism in sports?

How to deal with criticism in sports

Reaction to criticism

Each of us reacts differently to critical opinions on our side. There are those who will have negative comments, think for a long time and blame. Others will try to draw conclusions from this (if we are really dealing with “constructive criticism” rather than with ordinary hatred) and begin to work harder on themselves in order to achieve high results. For me, the best approach is the last, because it allows you to constantly evolve and even get out of the most difficult situations, to become stronger. The first style can greatly undermine your confidence. Both approaches can cause you to stand still or play worse. Therefore, it is necessary to properly deal with criticism in the sport.

Resistance to criticism may increase with experience in sports. You know yourself better, you know which strategies are best for you, and you know your value well, so one bad match will not make you think that you are useless. Therefore, the fight against the criticism of others can be a big problem for young players who are not yet very experienced. They have not yet formed their own image, they have not yet been able to get the necessary share of success in order to have good self-confidence.

How to deal with criticism in sports from other people?

Accept the fact that you will be always criticizedthe coach shouts at the football player

The easiest and most difficult advice. Until you convince yourself that critics will always accompany you in professional sports, you will be constantly under stress. You will be inspired, and then abruptly become sad and sad. This is a situation you cannot control. In the end, even after the best match someone can criticize you. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to agree with your inner “I” that this sometimes happens and you can be criticized. Yes, they can just take it and start criticizing! You must have had moments in life when you could do nothing but accept the fact that this is so. What helped you then? This method is especially well suited if you ask yourself how to deal with constant criticism. Here it’s important to accept the fact that critical opinions appear. But at this moment it is worth remembering that you don’t have to agree with the critic himself!


Spend less time online

Athletes from the front pages of newspapers often say they don’t read comments about themselves. There is not a lot of wisdom in it. If you feel that negative opinions can affect you badly, just do not read them. You can temporarily limit your view of sports portals or social networks. Fortunately, the news on the Internet quickly disappear and appear, so you do not have long to limit yourself, if you think that your performance at the competition was a failure. Fighting criticism in sports is necessary without negative emotions.

it is necessary to sit on the Internet to fight criticism in sports

Talk to someone important

Talking allows you to release your emotions and often clears on its own. If you have a person who always supports you, listens to and really approaches your achievements and results, you should share what you are experiencing. It could be someone from the family, a friend, the other half, a coach, a psychologist, a senior teammate. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or support.

Remember your strengths

The world is not black and white, so you will never be a hopeless athlete or a perpetual winner. However, more often we focus on what happens to us during the day, bad or absurd. The fact that you are now fighting critics does not mean that you have not been successful before.

To cope with criticism of others, it’s worth remembering your strengths and best moments. Reproduce them in your memory. Use other methods of self-regulation to effectively deal with criticism in sports.

P.S. Each of us sometimes faces criticism in his own way. This does not mean that we are bad or mediocre. This is only the opinion of other people, to which no one is obliged to listen! 😉

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