Transformational leadership – a new approach to the coach role

A trainer of this type changes the concept of the future development of one athlete or an entire team, the training strategy, structure and behavior culture. Transformational leadership is the ability to make significant changes.

The transformational leader does not analyze every action of his ward and does not establish interaction with him at the level of rules and incentives. Such a trainer focuses on intangible aspects: the prospects of athletes, common values, new ideas. The transformational leader tries to cooperate and give meaning to the actions of his wards, involving them in the process of change.

The type of management itself is based on the qualities of the trainer, his values ​​and beliefs, and not on extracting the mutual benefits between him and the athletes. Such a leader inspires his team achieving new records and helps to make training as efficient as possible. This is understandable, since there are rarely people who can be motivated every day.

Components of transformational leadership:transformational leader

  • Intellectual stimulation – the trainer should encourage the ideas and creativity of the athletes;
  • Inspiring motivation – the coach must create an optimistic attitude for the effective work of the team;
  • Idealized influence – the coach is an example to follow for his athletes;
  • Individual consideration – the coach must work not only with the entire team, but also with each athlete separately.

Historical figures who used the transformational approach to leadership:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Richard Branson
  • Henry Ford
  • Steve Jobs

transformational leader

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