What is bigorexia

Modern world provides us with great number of possibilities to be beautiful and handsome and to look just like we want. It’s about beauty salons, surgery and sportclubs as well.

And it is a good idea to do sport as it has many advantages including great looking body. There are a lot of people nowadays who do workouts on a regular basis. Modern world keeps everyday trainings and intaking protein in large quantities along with a diet as usual situation. That’s why it’s difficult to notice when something goes wrong.

Some bodybuilders go too far in their desire to have the body muscular. The problem of modern bodybuilding community is bigorexia. It’s a kind of inverse anorexia, when a man feels nervous and uncomfortable having no ablility to do sport. He also has truly fear of fat.

But while anorexic tries to take as little place as he can, people with bigorexia want to be as big as it is possible, but still feel themselves small. Because of it they spend all their free time in the gym, do exercises even when have a cold or being injured.

According to this, it’s obvious, that training is the most important thing for bigorexics. It has more weight than family or job. All they talk about is training and diet systems. The whole world revolves around gaining muscle mass.

For bigorexic success is proportionate to body relief. They divide people for only for 2 categories – successful men with good bodies and fat losers.

Such people work hard, but it’s never enough. It seems that they need to gain just a little more muscle to get ideal. But it’s a chase for mirage that destroys all areas of life. Victims of bigorexia always unhappy with their appearance so that they have tendency to dress in baggy clothes to hide the “shameful” body.

Fortunately, only a small part of bodybuilders suffers from the disease. And what we need to do is to pay attention at our relatives that do sport – listen what they are discussing and look at their appearance to be sure they are alright. And of curse its necessary to take care of yourself – don’t worry too much about weight, as there are so many other great things in the world that worth your attention!

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