Sports addiction – how to overcome forever

«Lose fat or lose life» – is the slogan of many people. Mass media promotes eternal youth and beauty, publishes photos of beautiful and fit people so, that perfect body is almost taken as the duty. So people spend long hours in the gym and get sports addiction. Such an irrepressible desire to achieve and maintain perfect body can lead to serious health problems.

We have already discussed the causes and symptoms of sports addiction and why is it such a problem. But what should a man do, when he found out it in himself or a nearest man?

The sportsman can’t just stop doing it and abruptly cut the over exercising. Because at first the addiction pulls to go to the training and the man just not able to terminate it.

Secondly, such abrupt way causes bad consequences and relapses. When athlete suddenly reduces sports loads, there are immediately turn on the brain departments that responsible for addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and computer games. At this background anorexia or bulimia may start and develop accompanied by depression.

And finally, there is no need for such radical ways as reducing sports at all. It should be done but in right amounts.

Sports addiction treatment

The most important thing to do in order to get rid of sports addiction is to determine the purpose of training and to set a particular goal.

If you’ve decided to do sports or bodybuilding professionally, you will need the help of a coach and a nutritionist. This is a very difficult and time-consuming work of the team of professionals. Specialists are required there not only to achieve results faster, but also to avoid terrible mistakes and their consequences. This includes sports addictions with bigorexia and dysmorphia of different kinds.

over exercising is a symptom of sports addiction

And if you’ve decided to lose a few pounds or strengthen the muscles, there is no need to kill your body for 2 hours every day, making for it even more harm. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that in the absence of rest training becomes less effective.

Move to your goal gradually. Remember, fast weight loss with increased physical activity will not give good and long-term results as well as fast weight loss with a strict diet.

You should eat properly and fully to regain strength and give in training completely. Eat the right foods to burn as much fat as possible during your workout.

Give enough time to rest and muscle recovery. Daily training on the verge of exhaustion are incomparably worse to the appearance than the relatively rare, but very powerful and full ones.

We recommend to get a specialists’ help, but there are several recommendations in order to get rid of sports addiction without the specialists:

Training should be reduced for at least 1 week.

This time start to walk every day for at least 40 minutes on foot.

walking is a start of treatment and overcoming sports addiction

When you start do workouts again, there must be at least three days between them.

The training themselves should last no more than 40 minutes.

It is necessary to monitor the intensity of training and reduce over exercising.

Reducing sports addiction relapses

sorts addiction all day in the gym

The Golden mean will be found if you limit the spending in the gym time to five hours a week. Do not worry if you have free time – devote it to other interesting things. And remember that a balanced diet can save you from the necessity of spending hours in the gym!

One of the most important things about sports addiction treatment is to enjoy what you do. This means to love sports as a way to spend time and have fun. This will reduce disappointments and depressions caused by unsatisfying with the results that are not what you expected.

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