Why is it important to drink water?

Everybody including doctors speak about water importance and agitate to drink it as much as it is possible, but why?

Water importance is great for the whole world – animals, plants and people as well. It pervades all the human body and bears vital functions such as transporting nutrients and regulating temperature. Clean liquid is necessary for good metabolism and even breathing!

So, our life would be impossible without it and the amount of water spent by the body for vital needs must be constantly replenished. Otherwise there will be dehydration that cause disorder of body functions. But how big is this necessary water amount? How much water we need to drink a day?

It depends on many factors. The number of ounces varies a lot according on height, weight, age, gender, weather, general climate and even ecological situation. What more, of course it depends on physical activity.

Water importance for sportsmen

As we said above, water is necessary for good metabolism. In sport it makes more sense as it’s also about protein synthesis. To make a body gain lean body mass and not to let a training go down the drain you have to drink enough water.

Another obvious thing about water importance is losing liquid with sweat. Runners lose 50 ounces at a distance of 10 km, marathon runners lose about 135 ounces, and triathlon athletes lose about 200 ounces.

According to this information, it is necessary to follow the rules of fluid intake in sport:

  1. 20 minutes beforeone-hour workout drink about 17 ounces of liquid
  2.  If workoutlasts more than 1 hour, it is necessary to make pauses to have some water. 150 ml every 20 minutes will supply the appropriate liquid level in a body.

How to calculate necessary water amount

In ordinary life, it is enough to drink 34-50ounces of water for a person daily. Sportsmen need to increase its consumption to 68-135 ounces according to the intensity of trainingsand what kind of activity they do.

At the rest day as a sportsman you also need more water than regular man and the amount is calculated as:

  • Body weight (in pounds) x 0.5 = fluid ounces per day

At the training day the ouncers should be measured this way:

  • Body weight (in pounds) x 1.0 = fluid ounces per day

Let’s provide an example – if a man weights 150 pounds, his necessary water amount for body is between 75 and 150 ounces.

Quality of liquid

Speaking about necessary water amount, we mean the amount of clean water. No coffee or tea and, heaven forbid, soda are included.

The quality of water is equally important, as people’s health and well-being greatly depend on it.

Good water in the context of intake is fluid without contamination. It should be unscented with no taste. That’s why people should pay more attention at water-quality certificates when they buy water or use cleaning filters at home.

Now you see how large the water importance is. Even one glass can significantly affect well-being at the moment and health in the future. That is why people should start a day with it to run the processes in the organism and make waking easier. It certainly does early mornings more pleasant.

We have reviewed and counted the required amount of liquid, but it is the lower limit, and you can drink more if there is feeling you need it. Extra one won’t hurt. So even if there is no actually need for 8 ones, let’s have a glass of water right now!

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