Beta-alanine. Dosage and intake time.

Beta-alanine (BA) – the food additive which is unfairly keeping in the shade.

It belongs to the class of natural amino acids. A man partly gets it with protein food, as a result of carnosine, anserine and balenin cleavage to amino acids. There are a lot of such dipeptides in chicken, beef, pork and fish. That is one of numerous reasons why sportsmen, especially athletes eat predominantly this kind of food.

Beta-alanine is also synthesized in significant quantities in the liver. He is not involved in the synthesis of large protein molecules and enzymes.

Despite the fact that beta-alanine is actively studied only in recent time, its discovery occurred more than a hundred years ago. BA was isolated in 1911 by the Russian scientist Gulevich during the research of carnosine. However, the first works on the effect of carnosine on the efficiency and protein synthesis were published only in 1938.

But it is not always enough. There are many sportsmen who additionally intake powder products and capsules it order to get more stuff.

Meaning for sportsmen

BA has a positive impact on body. There are some several effects:

– increasing muscular endurance, mainly while anaerobic work

– reducing fatigue during exercise

– decreasing fat mass, mainly due to increased efficiency

– increase in muscle mass, also associated with some increase in anaerobic endurance and, consequently, the intensity of training

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In order to increase training effect and achieve better results in shorter period of time, the amino acids can be taking along with simple carbs.

Also some researches prove the synergistic effect of taking together beta-alanine and creatine. Such a combination has a greater positive effect on anaerobic endurance compared with separate intake of them.

Dose and overdose

Researches that have been done reassure us that taking even high doses of beta-alanine doesn’t cause any health problems.
The only unwanted effect is tingling under the skin, but most people describe it as pleasant thing. This effect depends on dose and the sensitivity of the skin receptors. According to the researches this effect appears with taking 500-800 mg of BA.

Despite the absence of spillovers there are some recommends. Manufacturersuggests established measures that are optimal. This helps to achieve the best productivity.

On average a man needs 3 grams of alanine a day. However, sportsmen’s dose should be slightly higher: approximately 4-6 g a day.

According to researches this amount is sufficient to increase carnosine in muscles. You need to consume beta-alanine consistently and continuously. It takes about four weeks to maximize the saturation of it in your muscle. In future it will enough to take 3.2-4.0 grams per day to maintain optimal amount of beta-alanine.

Intake time

As for day schedule, there are some options. But the most optimal and effective is taking 1.5 g of BA dissolved in 100-200 ml of juice (as it was said above, BA is more effective with carbs, that’s why it’s better to use juice instead of water), 2 times a day during four weeks. Then reduced it to a single dose.

Another good option is taking BA every 8 hours at a dosage of 0.8-1.2 g. The daily dose is 2-4g.

Whatever option you chose consistency and regularity is much more important than the way and time.

So, if you have active lifestyle, consumption of beta-alanine can be a valuable addition. It is especially important during the period of weight gain and work on the relief, where even one more exersice repeat makes the progress.

Great effect and safe of beta-alanine has been scientifically proven. But anyway, it is better to consult with a specialist before using BA. And to be sure in medicine quality it should be bought at certified shop.

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